News June 2, 2020

Lifting column LC3 now available in a 2-stage version

Another powerful movement option is now available for medical equipment manufacturers. The new LC3 2-stage completes the family of columns for solid lifting. It is equally quiet, safe, and powerful, making it ideal in X-ray equipment, C-arms or applications where a high dynamic bending moment is required.

Where slim design and low built-in dimensions are required, yet a high bending moment is important, LINAK® now has an ideal option ready. The powerful lifting column LC3 now comes in both 3-stage and 2-stage versions, giving you as a manufacturer far more options when it comes to designing adjustable healthcare applications.

Same as LC3 3-stage – but different
The new 2-stage version comes with the same powerful lifting capabilities as the well-known 3-stage version. But LC3 2-stage is developed for applications where a high dynamic bending moment and a slim design are required.  Its dynamic bending moment of 2,100 Nm in combination with a push of up to 6,000 N provides you with an extremely reliable column that will fit right in where space is limited. With a profile size of only 146 x 146 mm, the 2-stage column is ideal for many specialized applications, such as dental X-ray lifters, mammography equipment and various treatment chairs.

Pleasant sound for staff and patient comfort
One of the most remarkable things about the LC lifting column family is the low and pleasant sound levels. With levels below 50 dB and a focus on sound quality, we have made sure your customers will experience pleasant and extremely smooth movement with gentle starts/stops – all ensuring optimal comfort for both patient and care staff.

Power to ensure maximum efficiency
The LC3 2-stage comes in three different variants, pushing 4,000 N, 5,000 N, and 6,000 N, respectively (pull up to 4,000 N). Depending on your specific design, you can have the built-in dimensions vary between 320 mm and 390 mm – the latter for heavy-duty performance.

Both versions operate standing on the floor as well as hanging from the ceiling, making them ideal for a large number of applications. When combined with the powerful control box CO71, the system offers high speed movement and advanced memory options. This ensures fast and easy positioning, ultimately adding to more efficient working routines.

Smart cable management ensures easy cleaning
To optimize cleaning and disturb your overall application design as little as possible, we have given cable management quite a thought. Not only are cables placed inside the columns, giving you more than 30 cable combinations to choose between. Cable management – power outlet, hand control, motor cable or grounding – has never been easier.

The new LINAK lifting column LC3 2-stage is solid lifting, smooth and quiet movement for advanced healthcare systems. Quiet, safe and powerful.

If you want to know more about the lifting column LC3 2-stage, please visit our LC3 theme page or contact your local LINAK office.


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