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News June 27, 2018

New system setup increases overall performance of treatment couches

Based upon the new linear actuators LA20 and LA40 HP and the new OpenBus™ control boxes, electric adjustment of treatment couches and tables has reached a notably higher level of performance – for practitioners as well as for patients.

New system setup increases overall performance of treatment couches

LINAK has released a completely new actuator system designed to meet the requirements of the treatment couches and tables of tomorrow. Revolving around the new actuators LA40 HP and LA20 and the CO-series of OpenBus™ control boxes, the system enables manufacturers to combine familiar LINAK features:

  • smooth and comfortable movement
  • speed and reliability (8,000 N of full-stroke power)
  • advanced movement patterns
  • multiple safety features

All integrated without compromising the overall application design – regardless of what type of actuator solution you prefer, e.g., lifting column, scissor lift, or other.
By combining and controlling speed, power, and precision at the same time in one system, LINAK once again raises the bar for what to expect of a modern actuator system in healthcare.

LINAK offers power and speed in one
It is no easy task to satisfy every desire – constant speed, high comfort, and ample power to lift heavy loads. However, through advanced power management and a solid customer focus, LINAK actuator systems manage to embrace it all. From the lowest position to the highest, movement is speedy, smooth and low-noise.

Using a LINAK OpenBus™ system, you can enjoy advanced movement patterns, memory positions, and a wealth of safety-enhancing features too, such as ratchet spline, safety nut, or a Service Data Tool (SDT) for operation performance data readout. 

Keep it simple without compromising design
Whether you want to offer an analog system solution using control boxes CA30 or CA40, or you wish to add the many benefits of an advanced OpenBus™ setup with control boxes CO41, CO61 or CO71, LINAK solutions are easy to implement. All of them are easy to mount and fit together across the LINAK product range. Clever cable management ensures that nothing gets in the way – for end-users or bed design in general. 

LINAK control boxes and batteries for actuator systems in treatment couches and tables are designed to blend in with the overall application design, and not compromise on design or function.   

Enjoy global logistics and local market insights
The LA40 HP and the new powerful system setup for treatment couches and tables is the culmination of more than 30 years of dedicated ingenuity, development, and most of all, extensive testing. That is why you can always receive the very latest technology updates from our many local offices around the world. 

A combination of skilled LINAK employees operating our four manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America, and Asia as well as the high degree of production automation provide consistently high quality and efficient logistics – regardless of where in the world your business is located.   

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