News April 7, 2020

HB200 - wireless hand control for your healthcare equipment

Now it is possible to offer a wireless hand control for your healthcare application. The new easy-to-clean HB200, designed primarily for home care beds, dialysis chairs and treatment couches, gives care staff extended space to move around the patient and minimizes the risk of tripping over cables.

You probably know this from home. More and more house appliances have wireless hand controls. As outpatient- and home-treatment becomes more common, so does the request for cable-free hand controls for beds and other healthcare applications used at home.

Now LINAK® offers a hand control tailored for this particular situation. The HB200 is an ergonomic, easy-to-clean, light-weight (98 g) and wireless hand control – ideal for all sorts of home care or nursing home beds, treatment chairs or treatment couches.

Improve working environment for care staff
The first and most obvious benefit healthcare staff will experience is the cable-free workspace around the patient. This helps minimize the risk of tripping and generally gives the carer full freedom to carry out optimal treatment of the patient.

The HB200 comes with 6-10 soft-touch buttons – depending on what you need. All buttons are easy to locate and operate without looking, and the backside attach-hook also helps give the user optimal ergonomics and balance when using the control.

Easy to clean and simple to maintain
The HB200 has smooth surfaces and sealed buttons, giving it an IPX6 rating. It is powered by a standard CR2032 battery  (coin cell), and though it is well hidden under the backside lid, it is fast and easy to change the battery. An LED low-battery indicator flashes when it is time to change. 

Pairing is equally simple. The HB200 uses Bluetooth® BLE and works with the LINAK® OpenBus™ control box CO71 and the analogue control box CA63. Just place the hand control next to control box you want to pair it with, activate with your LINAK® key magnet and press key 1. When the control box buzzer beeps and the LEDs on the HB200 and the box are blinking simultaneously, press key 1 again and the two are paired. Easy as pie.

If you want to know more about the new hand control HB200 or want to learn how to make your healthcare application wireless, please feel free to contact your local LINAK® office at any time.


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