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News August 5, 2019

Find out what part motors, brakes and housing play in electric actuators

To ensure a long service life for the actuator, you need to have the right motor. For many powerful actuators a reliable brake system is needed too. And finally, the housing covering the two is crucial. At the LINAK® Actuator Academy™, you can learn more about optimal motor efficiency, what type of brakes you need, and the advantages of aluminum and plastic housings, respectively.

The DC motor is one of the three cornerstones of any electric linear actuator – the others being the spindle and the gears. For maximum output and full performance of your actuator, it is important that you know what motor is the right one for the job that needs to be done.

For heavy-duty industrial machinery it might also be important to learn what type of brake system your actuator comes with in order to avoid personal injury or damage to equipment. Also, the actuator housing plays a key role – especially if working in harsh environments.

So, get ready! Take a tour of the three important aspects of electric actuators with our expert, Hunter.

DC motors – the actuator engine
Learn more about how DC motors work inside a modern industrial actuator and what factors to consider in order to minimize loss of energy efficiency.

Brakes – maintain position when power is off
There are three overall types of brakes for electric industrial actuators. Learn about each of them and their importance in powerful actuators here in this video.

Housing – protection and IP ratings
The main function of the actuator housing is to protect the sensitive parts of the actuator, such as the motor and electronics. Learn how back fixture, coating, sealing, and material can influence performance and even the length of an actuator’s service life in this video.

New electric actuator knowledge
The newly founded Actuator Academy™ offers a learning universe about electric linear actuator technology.

LINAK Actuator Academy™

 “If you are curious about technology and would like to expand your knowledge about electric movement solutions, this is the place to go,” says Morten Junker, Director of LINAK TECHLINE®.

Welcome to the LINAK Actuator Academy for industrial actuators. Visit for more videos.


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