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Treatment couch

Treatment couches need flexible and precise adjustability. Use LINAK actuator solutions to create the perfect treatment couch, with great design flexibility, safety, and freedom to customize movement and functionality.

Medical treatment and examination couches with LINAK electric linear actuators

System solutions for treatment couches

Any type of treatment couch in healthcare must optimize comfort and safety for the patient while ensuring ergonomic working conditions for the medical professional or caregiver. The shortage in the healthcare workforce is a proven fact. The pressure on the health care sector calls for tools and equipment to assist during daily treatment procedures.

LINAK® offers the option of adjusting multiple actuators simultaneously – such as height, backrest, and leg rest. The precise and powerful movement created by electric linear actuators improves caregiver ergonomics, with ideal working height and easy entry/exit positioning. That is how we contribute to fast and smooth positioning, and why treatment couches, designed with a wide range of movement options, provide high-quality treatment.

LINAK electric actuator solutions provide much more than precise and smooth movement. Imagine the value by adding:

  • Improved ergonomics, improves working conditions.
  • Safety features and comfort, offering additional safety to the treatment couch
  • OneConnect™, supporting high uptime with remote service

Improved ergonomics

Electric adjustment in treatment couches offers adjustability of multiple actuators simultaneously – such as backrest, leg rest, and height. Single or combined movement can be handled with movement patterns which ensure correct position for optimal treatment, comfort, and ergonomics.

Movement patterns contribute to increased efficiency and improved positioning for ergonomically sound treatment.


Safety feature and comfort

During treatment it is extremely important to focus on comfort and well-being for the patient.

LINAK actuator system solutions provide smooth and dependable movement in all directions.

  • Adjusting the couch to low entry/exit height ensures a comfortable and convenient experience for the patient. This also improves safety and reduces the risk of accidental falls
  • The LINAK safety features (Intelligent Ratchet Spline or Quick Release Damper) in your treatment couch minimize the risk of obstacles and personal injuries and increase patient comfort
  • One-touch button for fast movement into defined emergency positions increases safety and comfort for both patient and caregiver

Remote service to secure high uptime

LINAK is known for durable, high-quality products. Why? We know that to increase efficiency you need to combine the optimal actuator system solutions with a dependable technical support procedure. LINAK OneConnect™ is our tool which provides remote access to service data and troubleshooting. This is how we secure high uptime of your treatment couch anywhere in the world.

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Treatment applications

LINAK actuator solutions provide smooth and low-noise adjustment of treatment chairs, couches/tables as well as dental chairs and wheelchairs.

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