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Material handling

Pallet truck solutions

LINAK actuators enable raising or lowering the forks of a pallet truck.

Pallet truck

Clean, efficient, and maintenance-free actuators for pallet trucks

Pallet trucks are mainly used to move pallets in a narrow environment and for short travel distances. They must be easy to use, energy-efficient and reliable. Oil-free equipment is preferred to eliminate the risk of pollution by hydraulic oil leakage. This is especially relevant in food areas, warehouses and manufacturing. LINAK® actuators meet these demands with the following features:

  • Zero maintenance and oil free
  • Energy efficiency
  • Long lifetime for high uptime
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Zero maintenance and oil free
Unlike hydraulic systems, their electric counterparts have no hoses or pumps. This means no oil spills, better energy efficiency and zero maintenance. Our compact actuator design with only a few cables is far easier to install. The thorough testing at LINAK R&D ensures durability, reliability and a long service life.

Energy efficiency
Our electric actuators can directly be supplied by 24 V or 48 V battery voltage. The direct conversion into mechanical energy and power on demand results in far better energy efficiency than for hydraulic systems.

Long lifetime for high uptime
LINAK Long Life actuators are designed to match the lifetime with the standard service intervals of a pallet truck. Our calculator B10 can be used to estimate the product lifetime for the intended use and helps predict maintenance. With this, on-site service can be scheduled and uptime kept high.

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LINAK electric actuator LA36
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