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Street sweepers

Actuator systems for Street Sweepers

Actuator solutions for street sweepers

Cities around the world are focused on sustainability as they begin to adopt hybrid and alternative fuel solutions to reduce emissions while cleaning streets, parks and public areas. Electric linear actuators from LINAK can provide a clean energy option and offer several notable advantages:

  • Actuators are easy to integrate and install with Integrated Controller and CAN bus control options.
  • Use of electric actuators can downsize or eliminate hydraulic systems, increasing efficiency.
  • Durable products with IP66 ratings are tested to cope with rough conditions
  • Design flexibility with a variety of voltage, feedback, and control options

LINAK makes actuator solutions that allow predictable adjustment of the actuator position from the cab of the sweeper, giving the operator precise and accurate control of the brushes, pickup heads, and suction.  This minimizes wear and tear along with reducing costly repair. With autonomous sweeping machines becoming a reality, LINAK is at the forefront of the motion control required to make it happen.

Improve safety with reliable actuators 
LINAK actuators are intelligent and integrate easily with most control systems. With continuous feedback, drivers can monitor and adjust movement out of sight. Their compact design and voltage range from 12 to 48 make it even easier to integrate electric actuators.

Install a maintenance-free solution
Unlike hydraulic and pneumatic systems, electric actuators have no hoses, pumps or compressors. This means the risk of leaking oil is eliminated, and the general need for periodical maintenance becomes unnecessary. LINAK solutions require only a power cord and a data cable connecting actuators to your control panel, making the overall system far easier to install. Service monitoring and fault detection allow for simple maintenance and troubleshooting.

Rely on tested and proven products
At LINAK, all products are tested thoroughly to ensure durability and a long lifetime. High IP degrees mean improved resistance to the harsh environments actuators occasionally need to cope with.

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Intelligent movement with linear actuators | Actuator Academy™ play-icon

Actuator Academy™ | Intelligent movement with linear actuators

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Intelligent movement with linear actuators | Actuator Academy™ play-icon

Actuator Academy™ | Intelligent movement with linear actuators

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