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Operating tables and surgery chairs

LINAK actuator systems provide the necessary precision, power, and number of channels to create all sorts of adjustable tables and chairs used in hospital operating rooms.

Operating tables and chairs

Actuator solutions in operating tables and chairs

Surgery and other medical procedures are becoming increasingly advanced, and healthcare professionals around the world need adjustable equipment in hospitals to be far stronger, more precise, faster and easier to control. This naturally increases the requirements for the underlying kinetics driving the motion. Using the right electric actuator system solutions, however, gives you advantages such as:

  • Advanced memory options for easy positioning
  • Flexible cable management, optimized design and easy to clean
  • Compact design allows easy transfer height to improve working postures

Whether healthcare professionals work at a stationary table in the operating room or at a mobile surgery chair, optimal ergonomics are required to do an optimal job. Extra power to smooth lifting and placement of heavy patients is as important as advanced movement patterns in order to ensure a combination of the access necessary for surgeons as well as optimal comfort for patients.  


Rely on stable design and easy positioning via memory options
LINAK actuator systems are designed to carry heavy loads. Our lifting columns have a high bending movement and offer high reliability, i.e., they are thoroughly tested to comply with the requirements of international medical standards. LINAK control boxes are prepared to create complex movement patterns and offer several memory options to make adjustment quick and easy. 

Have a flexible design with multiple options
Whether you need a simple setup with a few actuators or an advanced multi-functional operating table with multiple actuators and complex movement patterns, the LINAK portfolio has it all. With the LINAK CO-Link™ you can, for instance, double the number of actuators, and our control boxes come with flexible cable management to help maintain the overall high level of safety.

Offer optimal working postures with compact design
Over more than 30 years LINAK has designed actuators for healthcare applications, and we have continuously optimized our designs. The compact built-in dimensions improve ergonomics and enable surgeons and other medical staff to position any patient precisely, and at the same time maintain a high level of efficiency during surgery.

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BL1 - CO61 - HD80

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LC3 lifting column sets the standard for vertical lifting

It is quiet, powerful and improves safety around advanced medical equipment, including operating tables, surgical chairs and X-ray applications.

MEDLINE & CARELINE product overview

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Actuator systems for operating tables

Power, precision, and smooth movement in advanced surgery applications

Hospital applications

LINAK actuator systems allow ergonomic adjustment in hospital beds, treatment couches/tables and patient lifts with optional accessories as a part of Intelligent Care Solutions™.

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