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Hospital applications

LINAK actuator systems allow ergonomic adjustment in hospital beds, treatment couches/tables and patient lifts with optional accessories as a part of Intelligent Care Solutions™.

Actuator systems for hospital applications

Average life expectancy is generally increasing. This coincides with the fact that more and more people suffer from lifestyle diseases later in life. On top of that, the number of obese patients is increasing too, and altogether this leaves healthcare staff overburdened. Equipping healthcare applications with LINAK actuator systems will provide patients with more comfort, staff with improved ergonomics and you, as a manufacturer, with first-rate applications and several advantageous benefits.

  • Well-tested products compliant with international medical standards
  • Global vendor presence and support by LINAK
  • Intelligent Care Solutions with the technology of tomorrow

With fewer carers to look after still more patients, it is imperative to think ahead. Hospitals need advanced ergonomic solutions for hospital staff to allocate all their time to the actual care of patients. LINAK actuator systems help smoothly adjust patient lifts , height of treatment couches/tables and hospital beds, leg and backrest. All to prevent hazardous lifts by staff and to free care time by allowing patients to do the adjustment themselves.

Rely on tested and certified actuator systems
Healthcare applications need to be incredibly durable. Safety is crucial and material must be able to withstand thorough washing with powerful detergents. At the same time, beds and lifts are required in order to carry heavier patients, who expect increased comfort. At LINAK, all products undergo a series of thorough tests to ensure they are fully compliant with international medical standards.

Enjoy help and qualified support near you
With a physical presence in more than 35 countries, LINAK is always near you. This means our support is fast and easy to access and always comes with local market insight. We strive to be your trusted vendor, able to identify needs quickly and ensure continuous optimal performance.

Create new solutions with Intelligent Care Solutions
Always listening to feedback and new ideas from customers is part of who we are. Both public demands and legislative requirements vary and change, and new technologies need safe implementation accordingly. At LINAK, we Care for Tomorrow Today™. That is why we work with digital intelligence and communication in our products. We believe this to be the way forward.

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Unique sound quality by the strong lifting column LC3

Thinking Within The Box play-icon

Thinking within the box

LINAK introduces a basic OpenBus™ system for hospital beds play-icon

LINAK introduces a basic OpenBus™ system for hospital beds


Focus on stretchers

Full functionality, battery power and comfort for mobile applications. LINAK provides a system solution for stretchers, bed trolleys and other mobile applications.

Focus on couches and tables

Flexible functionality and improved ergonomics are some of today’s needs for treatment and examination couches.

Focus on healthcare beds

When looking for ways to make people in need of care more independent, the bed is an obvious place to start. LINAK offers the perfect fit in various constructions for healthcare beds.

MEDLINE & CARELINE product overview

Dive into the wide variety of innovative MEDLINE & CARELINE products that can help you improve your hospital and healthcare equipment.

Basic OpenBus™ system for hospital beds

Adjustable actuator solutions for modern healthcare. Upgrade your analogue actuator system - and enjoy multiple benefits with OpenBus™

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