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Shower chairs

The need for multi-function shower chairs designed to support in-shower and personal hygiene situations is increasing. Using LINAK actuator solutions for modern shower chairs allows greater design flexibility, with increased customization opportunities, also offering additional safety features in the application.

Shower chairs with LINAK products

Explore how shower chairs work and discover the advantages of the LINAK solution.

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System solution for shower chairs

Shower chairs designed with a wide range of movement options can help ease daily work routines and improve efficiency for caregivers. The powerful movement options offer improved ergonomics for caregivers by handling heavy-lifting situations.

Using electric actuator solutions provides several advantages such as:

  • Powerful height-adjustable shower chairs
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Increased quality of life for user

Fewer hands in the care sector to take care of patients is a proven fact in hospitals, care home, and institutions. This calls for tools and equipment to support the daily work routines by optimizing ergonomics and efficiency, at the same time safeguarding the user's dignity.

Electric movement in shower chairs offers multi-adjustable options for seat, backrest, and/or foot-arm to assist the caregiver during daily work, thereby eliminating heavy lifting and improving ergonomics. Movement supported by electric LINAK actuators contributes to job satisfaction.

Higher efficiency by using shower chairs for daily personal hygiene routines will result in cost optimization due to easy operation and will involve fewer persons to perform the job, at the same time reducing employee injuries.

Benefit from the powerful system solution
The broad LINAK product portfolio provides great flexibility. Whenever the system needs to support a few or more complex movements, product compatibility ensures full satisfaction in all situations. LINAK strives to meet the requirements for shower chairs with system solutions, whether the required customization is straightforward or advanced.

Adjustable chairs are highly important for caregivers, as they must otherwise strain to assist users in their daily activities. Multi-adjustability and customization of chairs are essential features to keep the focus on ergonomics for the caregiver. Lack of resources and the long-term perspective, due to the increasing percentage of elderly people, make it even more important to employ the right equipment and ensure good workplace ergonomics.

Quality of life
Using LINAK products in shower chairs will make it easier to increase independence and safety by allowing the user to enjoy greater convenience, or even make it possible to shower without caregiver assistance in the bathroom.

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Care applications

LINAK actuator solutions create smooth adjustment of patient lifts and various care beds with features like Under Bed Light, WET sensor and automatic nurse calls.

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