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Quiet movement improves comfort around your application

The LC3 lifting column series is among the quietest on the market. The LC3 has a unique and pleasant sound, even when moving substantial loads. It makes it ideal for height adjustment of medical equipment used in sound-sensitive surroundings.

Sound is becoming an increasingly hot topic when working with medical equipment. Too much sound can cause a poor working environment and disturb the focus needed during surgery or during an examination. Patients treated in quiet surroundings will also be bothered by the sound of the moving application when the table or chair is adjusted to the correct working height or right patient position. This is why sound matters.

At LINAK®, we have been working with sound levels for years. We pay close attention to our customers’ input on the matter and continually revisit our designs to lower product sound.

Sound is more than just a convenient feature. When you listen to the LC3 moving your application into the correct position, you will know. Loud noises, causing unnecessary stress for patients undergoing surgery or other treatment, must be avoided.

The powerful lifting column LC3 sets the current market standard. You have to hear it to fully understand. But the video below should give you an indication.


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