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Powerful lifting column for adjustable medical equipment. Comes in both 2-stage and 3-stage versions – each with unique features, making it ideal for a wealth of different applications. A combination of speed, precision and power makes this column ideal for advanced operating tables to X-ray equipment, where space is limited.

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Unique sound quality by the strong lifting column LC3

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The lifting column LC3 sets the standard for vertical lifting


This solid and stable lifting column is perfect for healthcare applications where large off-center loads often occur. The high bending moment in combination with the powerful precision drive makes it ideal for a wealth of advanced medical equipment, such as, for instance operating tables, C-arms, X-ray equipment, dental chairs.

The LC3 comes in both 2-stage and 3-stage versions. Which type you need depends on your specific application. Even though the two share most features, there are differences.

Both versions offer stroke lengths up to 700 mm with a minimum built-in dimension of 320 mm. The 2-stage version, however, comes with a higher dynamic bending moment – up to 2,100 Nm. Both ensure full functionality, regardless of application, and support optimal ergonomics and more efficient workflow for the care staff.

Depending on your requirements for speed and lifting capacity, you can have the LC3 push a force up to 6,000 N (pull up to 4,000 N). Combined with the high bending moment – static and dynamic – this lifting column truly sets the vertical-lifting-column standard for high-end medical applications.

Using this column in a system with the powerful control box CO71, you can enjoy advanced memory options, enabling quick and easy positioning, ultimately helping care staff to improve work efficiency. The well-thought-out cable management, leading cables through the column, makes it easy to clean and helps maintain a high hygiene level around the application. The hidden cables also improve the overall application design.

The LC3 – 2-stage as well as 3-stage – works equally well upside down. This means that whether you have equipment standing on the floor or hanging from the ceiling, you can expect the same superior performance.

The LC3 safety factor in push and pull is 5.0.


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LC3 lifting column sets the standard for vertical lifting

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