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Kick & Click™ for office desks

LINAK Kick & Click™ allows you to halve the time it takes to assemble a height adjustable desk – without the use of screws or tools.

Kick and Click Tech and Trends
Halve the time spent on desk assembly
Traditionally, it takes 12 screws to mount the two columns of a typical height adjustable office desk to the top frame. But with the LINAK Kick & Click™ mounting solution, the only screws you need are the ones attaching the tabletop. The rest is just ‘kick’ gently and ‘click’ – your desk is ready!

Using Kick & Click™ is easy and very intuitive. There are pictograms with guiding visuals on the product parts, and it is obvious where you need to ‘kick’ (or just push). The ‘click’ sound indicates that assembly is done correctly.

Be more efficient and save time
One thing is making it far easier to assemble your new height adjustable desk. Another is the amount of time saved when assembling numerous office desks. A LINAK customer estimated the time spent on the job and it was almost halved:

" I estimate that we save around 10-12 minutes per desk assembled, ” says V. Brokop from Franz Giesselmann GmbH in Germany.

10-12 minutes may not seem like much, but when we for instance have an order for 150 desks the time saved is around 25 hours. That is a lot!

Read the full case story: “Fast, easy and intuitive assembly of office desks”

Three versions, several columns, a wide range of options
Whether you want to design a C- or a T-Desk there are literally countless ways to do so. LINAK Kick & Click™ comes in three versions – all with advantages of their own.
  • Kick & Click Base – for desk designs with customized rails and independent and flexible desk width. Preferred where stability is achieved via the tabletop.
  • Kick & Click Fixed – for desks with a fixed width of 1.20 m. Ideal to pick for touchdown or multi-user desks.
  • Kick & Click Adjustable – telescopic design for desk widths ranging from 1.40 m to 2.00 m. Great solutions if you operate with various designs.
LINAK focuses on making truly Plug & Play™ solutions. This includes a Kick & Click 3rd leg kit for large office desks. With the increasing number of different columns in the DESKLIFT (DL) portfolio, the possibilities are multiple, leaving designers and manufacturers with absolute freedom to design.

Smart design is also green design
The entire solution is lightweight and easy to pack, making transport more cost-efficient, and all materials are recyclable. Add to that LINAK PVC-free columns plus a control box with built-in ZERO™ Technology (zero standby power consumption) and you have a truly green adjustable desk solution.

We have made sure visible cables do not disturb your designs. Once assembled all cables are easily hidden in ducts within the frame – again, no use of tools or clips.

Smart, fast, easy, green and quite simply cost-efficient.

For further information, please contact your local LINAK subsidiary or distributor.
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Kick & Click - innovative office desk assembly

LINAK Kick & Click - How to easily assemble an office desk play-icon

LINAK Kick & Click - how to easily assemble an office desk

How to disassemble a LINAK Kick & Click office desk play-icon

How to disassemble a LINAK Kick & Click office desk

Desk Frame 1: How to assemble an office desk play-icon

Desk Frame 1: How to assemble an office desk


DESKLINE product overview

If you make any kind of desk, table or counter that people work at, a height adjustable electric actuator solution is the flexible way to gain a competitive edge and improve your business.

Desk Frame 1 brochure

Explore the full frame LINAK concept ‘Desk Frame 1’ - everything you need to build your electric sit-stand desk. It is made of three sets: Kick & Click™ top frame, a DL SetPack (containing columns, a desk panel, a control box and cables) and DL Feet.

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