Lifting columns


Long-stroke and low-noise electric column intended for desks and tables without a crossbar. Ideal for both larger desks and conference tables.

Product description


The DESKLIFT DL16 is a compact 3-part lifting column perfect for a wide range of different desk applications like office desks or conference tables.

The 3-part construction ensures short installation dimensions combined with a long stroke length, making the DL16 an optimum choice no matter what the height of the person using the desk is.

It is an upside down column, where the smallest profile is mounted on the foot construction. The DL16 is intended for desks without a crossbar. This feature ensures an optimum freedom of design.
The DL16 is available in several standard colors to fit into a wide selection of desk designs.

Optional PIEZO™ (collision protection) can be chosen. PIEZO minimizes the risk of material damage to a desk caused by collision with an obstacle.

The DL16 is compatible with the standard DESKLINE control box (CBD). No matter which box is preferred, they all ensure a very low and pleasant noise level and a wide range of options.

The DL16 is also available in an extended version denominated XL that is optimized for adjustment of display and monitor stands.

  • Max. thrust: 800 N
  • Max. speed: 38 mm/s

Product data sheet

Brochures & manuals

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