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PIEZO™ prevents material damage

LINAK PIEZO™ is anti-collision technology to prevent damage in case movement is obstructed. Applicable to all desk types, workstations, kitchens, retail and store interiors, TV and media stands.

Piezo Tech and Trends
A PIEZO anti-collision solution can extend the service life of your office equipment. It will safeguard your investment because it prevents your desk suffering material damage should it collide with a solid object.

See the video and learn more about situations where you will appreciate that the office desk system is equipped with an anti-collision feature. 

What does PIEZO mean?
LINAK PIEZO™ is the name of our hardware-based anti-collision technology. The PIEZO sensor is completely integrated in your desk column with no visible changes and no extra mounting. A hardware-based anti-collision solution is more sensitive and works faster than a typical software solution. 

How does it work?
The built-in PIEZO technology senses any obstruction when raising or lowering the desk, then halts and reverses to avoid damage. Move the obstacle and try again. 

PIEZO in lifting columns
LINAK has the widest product range on the market. PIEZO technology is already an option in several of the lifting columns available. And more is coming.
PIEZO™ - LINAK hardware-based anti-collision solution prevents material damage play-icon

PIEZO™ - LINAK hardware-based anti-collision solution prevents material damage


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If you make any kind of desk, table or counter that people work at, a height adjustable electric actuator solution is the flexible way to gain a competitive edge and improve your business.

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We use high quality components, state-of-the art production and the most demanding testing standards in the industry to achieve excellent quality.

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