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Linear Actuators for Material Handling

Electric Actuators from LINAK provide smart and reliable lifting solutions for automated warehouse systems.

LINAK actuators in material handling applications such as autonomous mobile robots, tugger trains and pallet trucks.

LINAK® actuators enhance the movement capabilities of Autonomous Mobile Robots through:

  • Compact design
  • Condition monitoring and precise control
  • Long life

We offer a modular product portfolio to provide the right solution for applications with different requirements, such as underride carts with pin hook, top lifting modules for trolleys, racks or pallets, tugger trains and pallet trucks.


Gain space with compact design

LINAK IC actuators have several characteristics to provide a compact design. The integrated controller offers power supply up to 48 V and standard communication interfaces like CANopen or IO-link. Additional components such as converter or motor controller, extra communication modules or external sensors for position control are obsolete, and this results in a compact design.

Keep uptime high with condition monitoring and precise control

Feedback signals via standard interfaces enable remote data monitoring and diagnostics. This makes it easier to predict and schedule maintenance intervals, analyze failures and allocate on-site service. The actuator could even become part of the digital twin of the vehicle. As a result, uptime can be kept high, and downtime reduced to a minimum. The precise control results in high operational efficiency as well as enabling parallel run.

Go the long distance

With LINAK Long Life actuators you can match the actuator with the lifetime of other key components, such as drive wheels or battery, for scheduled maintenance service intervals and to avoid extra stops. And with our lifetime calculator B10, you can get a qualified estimation of the actuator lifetime when used in your specific application.


At LINAK, we pride ourselves on the lengths we go for our customers. Here are just a few of the ways we ensure that our customers' needs are served throughout the entire process. 

Building actuators with high-quality materials to withstand harsh environments.

Keeping an eye on reliability and performance.

Helping you create the right actuators for your applications.


Sales Support
Working with you every step of the process.

Customer Service
Ensuring you get the products you need when you need them.

Collaborating with you to promote your products.


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