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Modbus® technology for ease of communication and lower component complexity

Reduce costs and increase efficiency with LINAK® actuators with integrated Modbus RTU. This additional option for our actuators eases communication and lowers component complexity.


What is Modbus?

Modbus is a serial communication protocol used for industrial electronic devices, which is often connected to a programmable logic control (PLC). Modbus makes it easy to integrate and maintain multiple devices on the same network. Actuators with Modbus can be used for industrial automation, solar tracking, etc.


LINAK actuators with integrated Modbus

Modbus is part of our IC Integrated Controller™ program and is a well-known communication technology that has been on the market for years.

By integrating the electronics into the actuator, LINAK has reduced both installation and maintenance costs. Integrated Modbus technology offers the possibility of saving costs both during installation and cabling.

For instance, no additional cable installation and alignment are necessary because the actuator and control box are combined into one unit. We offer a range of actuators with integrated Modbus.

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Features and advantages

By using integrated Modbus, the use of signal cables and additional controllers is reduced, bringing down your total cost. Using Modbus adds more functionality to the actuators such as speed regulation, programmable strokes, adjustable current limits, and much more. It is also possible to retrieve service data about, for instance, temperature or current consumption.

Features of actuators with Modbus





Communication with common PLCs

Compatible with Modbus RTU module.


Current limits

Setting current limits protects the actuator and the application. The current limit can be adjusted in both directions.


Soft start and stop

To reduce mechanical stress on your machinery.


Programmable target positions

Go to specific position on demand.


Long transmission lines

Between actuators and controller.


Low power options

Featuring low power mode to preserve power.



The benefits of LINAK actuators with integrated Modbus are many

  • Check real-time position of the actuators
  • Monitor their status feedback such as speed, run-time, current and other conditions
  • Service data allows for faster trouble shooting and maintenance
  • RS485 interface with high level noise immunity

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Supporting literature

LINAK Modbus installation guide
Modbus Specification and Implementation Guide
Modbus Application protocol


Parameter list and explanation

LA36 Modbus holding registers
LA36 Modbus input registers




Actuators with IC – integrated Controller from LINAK can be configured via the BusLink Configuration Software.

Download a free version of the latest BusLink software to configure your actuator or read out service data. The basic functionalities are explained here, each communication protocol also comes with a variety of specific features.


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