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HC40 – unique and customizable

The HC40 FRAME™ Advanced and the HC40 TWIST™ Advanced are multi-functional and customizable wireless hand controls for nursing home beds or homecare beds, a perfect blend of function and style in one hand control. Systems with HC40 are not applicable with IEC 60601-1 approval, but as an extra hand control, they bring a new level of convenience and ease of use to caregivers and patients alike.

Designed to simplify bed movement with the intuitive interface, featuring easy-to-understand, illuminated movement icons, these one-size-fits-all hand controls make navigation effortless, while ensuring a comfortable viewing experience with automatic adjustment of the screen brightness to the surroundings. This universal design eliminates the need for translations, making it an ideal choice for multicultural environments.

The HC40 FRAME™ Advanced and the HC40 TWIST™ Advanced are extra hand controls designed for your needs.


Elegant and functional

Tailored to enhance the quality of care and comfort and crafted in an elegant Nordic design, these well-designed hand controls blend seamlessly with any interior while offering reliable functionality.

The button configuration has been designed to ensure that favorite movements are accessible by a single click, making swift and effortless adjustments.

LINAK hand control HC40 placed on a bedside table, for homecare and nursing home beds.


Day and night

A key highlight is the adaptability to different lighting conditions.

The hand control reduces the light intensity at night for a more comfortable viewing experience, and when you need to check the time, wake up, or need a guiding light, simply shake the HC40 sideways twice to activate the built-in flashlight, illuminating your path in the dark.

LINAK hand controls HC40 adapt to lighting, illuminating feet, for homecare and nursing home beds


Image of position options with LINAK hand control HC40 for homecare and nursing home beds

Multiple icons
Icons for easy movement

  • One hand control fits all users
  • For multicultural users
  • Intuitive icons

LINAK hand control HC40 featuring built-in torch, lighting up in the dark

Day and night
Designed for day and night use

  • Display light dims at night
  • Button backlight
  • Bed sleep and chair position
  • Turn on the under bed light or simply turn on the torch light with a shake

Two LINAK hand controls HC40 showing customization options for logo

Differentiate the bed

  • Logo in the display
  • Save most used favorites – up to 3 shortcuts
  • Customize messages
LINAK hand control HC40 TWIST™ for adjustable comfort beds play-icon

LINAK hand control HC40 TWIST™ for adjustable comfort beds


Focus on healthcare beds

When looking for ways to make people in need of care more independent, the bed is an obvious place to start. LINAK offers the perfect fit in various constructions for healthcare beds.

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Safety folder

Different applications need different safety features. Regardless of what healthcare application you are designing, LINAK offers a wide variety of standard and optional safety features.

HC40 FRAME™ Advanced and HC40 TWIST™ Advanced

Comfort, convenience, and quality in one hand control for adjustable movement of homecare and nursing home beds - designed for your needs.

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