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Light the way for a better user experience - just shake it!

The built-in shake flashlight in the Advanced editions of the HC40 TWIST™ is just one of the ways in which light can make a hand control even more user-friendly. In considering how to make it even easier to use for the general consumer, we also found a way of eliminating a button in the design! Be illuminated and find out how the things you have never considered about lighting are an important and integral part of making the HC40 TWIST™ family super user-friendly - be it backlighting in buttons, light in the display or other such features.

We all felt the shift with the introduction of the smart phone. Suddenly our need for more functionality could move beyond devices with single features. This shift carried on to other areas of our everyday lives, from remotes that control the light bulbs on your home and your entertainment unit, as well as to our market where consumers expect more of a hand control for adjustable beds.

From our extensive survey, we learned that the consumers want the RIGHT features in a hand control. Not 27 features and 27 corresponding buttons. In other words, the desire is to have features you need in that specific situation but nothing more. Essentially, any producer of consumer goods should strive to hit that exact balance between simplicity and functionality. We believe that we have found the balance with our HC40 TWIST™ Advanced.

Make it easy - Shake it!

The flashlight function is among the many incorporated features of the Advanced edition  of the HC40 TWIST™ hand control. For hand controls with a flashlight function, it is ordinarily turned on by yet another button. But what if you could eliminate a button? What if you could make the hand control even more clean to look at, and make it even more user-friendly while you are at it?  Asking these questions resulted in the shake flashlight.

By adopting technology known from smart phones, the HC40 TWIST™ Advanced can be gently shaken sideways twice to turn on the flashlight. Simple, really.

This way the consumer can simply pick up the HC40 TWIST™, shake it gently sideways twice and use it to find their way in the dark without waking up their partner.

The shake flashlight on the HC40 TWIST™ Advanced versions eliminates a button in the design, and makes it even easier to use.

Quick tip!

Need to find your way in the dark?

Just gently shake the HC40 TWIST™ Advanced sideways twice and the flashlight will light the way!


Conserves energy automatically

After 1 minute the flashlight light will turn off by itself. This is to conserve energy and eliminate the possibility of turning it on and accidentally draining the battery overnight. Simply shake it sideways twice once more to turn it back on.

Alt text: Keep the power level indicator in the HC40 Advanced in the green longer

Light is in the detail

Considering the fact that bedrooms are usually dark environments, lighting in general plays an important role in the user experience and general usability of a hand control. Therefore, the HC40 TWIST™ has 4 important features focusing on user-friendliness:

  • Backlight in buttons during use – making it easy to see button functions.
  • Adaptive display – i.e., adapting brightness of the screen to the surrounding environment.
  • Lights up briefly if touched - just touch it to check the time during night.
  • Under Bed Light button easy to find.

The adaptive display and the backlighting in the buttons ensure maximum usability in the dark.

Under Bed Light creates a dimmed light under the bed to guide the user discreetly without disturbing their partner.

Under Bed Light creates a dimmed light under the bed to guide the user discreetly without disturbing their partner.


 By introducing the HC40 Advanced we offer a hand control for your exclusive line of beds that can be customized to your brand and be a natural part of a beautiful bed. In other words, with a system from LINAK® you can now offer a bed with meaningful hand control options with a great balance between design and functionality.


Light the way for a better user experience with the HC40 hand control for adjustable comfort beds

HC40 How to turn on the flashlight play-icon

HC40 Advanced: How to turn the flashlight on/off

LINAK hand control HC40 TWIST™ for adjustable comfort beds play-icon

LINAK hand control HC40 TWIST™ for adjustable comfort beds



This is a new generation of hand controls for adjustable comfort beds - designed with you in mind. With a unique twisting shape the HC40 TWIST™ differs in look from its counterparts the HC40 FRAME™ versions.

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