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One click away – personalizing your hand control

Return to your optimal reading position in your bed at any time. With the Advanced editions of the LINAK® hand control HC40 TWIST™ you cannot only store your favorite positions – you can also create your own shortcuts to features and, for instance, recreate your favorite seating position – with one click!

Save favourite positions or features as shortcuts in the HC40 Advanced

We all know the feeling of having found something great – delicious food, beautiful clothes, an extra comfortable chair, a feature that works for you or a really good reading position in bed. It is hard to explain – it just works. Fast forward to the situation where you are trying to replicate the experience, trying to make the same dish, find similar clothes, or recreate the comfortable reading position. It is almost impossible!

Well, not anymore. At least not, when it comes to the latter. If you find the perfect reading position, sitting in your adjustable bed, or you have a feature you use again and again, we say: Make it a shortcut!

Have favorites and features at your fingertips
Not only does the Advanced editions of the hand control HC40 TWIST™ allow users to save up to four favorite positions, it also lets the user name them and use the favorites as shortcuts, all accessible from the main screen of the hand control. With this feature combination you can enjoy a good reading experience over and over again. Simply reactivate your favorite reading position with one click.

The fact is that most of us have two or three features we use far more than the rest. To accommodate this, we have designed the top row of buttons on the HC40 TWIST™ for storing the most used features or positions. Whether it is the three favorite positions, or features such as the silent alarm or the sleep timer, is entirely up to the user to define.

The most used features are just one click away!


The most used features are always only a few clicks away, but the shortcut functionality allows users to personalize the hand control to their individual needs. Take, for instance, a user who sets the silent alarm each night: now they can enter the menu with just one click. Making it even more convenient when all they want to do is quickly set the alarm for the next morning and just go to sleep. 

The right hand control for advanced dual actuators
The advanced editions of the HC40 TWIST™ hand controls allow the user to store favorite positions. This is supported by the advanced editions of LINAK® dual actuators, as this entails memory function. When combining the two, such as an HC40 TWIST™ Advanced (hand control) and a TD4 Advanced (dual actuator), you can offer a system that enables the user to store and recreate favorite positions. 

LINAK hand control HC40 TWIST™ for adjustable comfort beds play-icon

LINAK hand control HC40 TWIST™ for adjustable comfort beds

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This is a new generation of hand controls for adjustable comfort beds - designed with you in mind. With a unique twisting shape the HC40 TWIST™ differs in look from its counterparts the HC40 FRAME™ versions.

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