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When less is more: HC40 TWIST™ standard edition

Do not miss out on a great design hand control for beds with basic functionality. The Standard edition of the HC40 TWIST is a stylish hand control specially developed for standard bed systems, adjusting backrest and leg support and running simultaneous drive.

Standard editions of the hand control HC40 for comfort beds

In an extensive user survey, respondents expressed a clear wish for well-designed hand controls, able to match the interior décor of their bedroom. That is why we went to great lengths to develop a hand control with exquisite looks and perfect balance when it rests safely in the palm of your hand.

Both editions of the HC40 TWIST have a keypad and functions within easy reach and grip, as well as easy, intuitive and tactile navigation. The Standard edition simply gives you an elegant option for standard bed systems when you want to focus on great design.

There is no reason to miss out on great design when you choose a hand control for beds with basic functionality.

Designed with you in mind.



  • Up/down two motors
  • Simultaneous drive
  • Under Bed Light on/off
  • Backlight in buttons
  • Exchangeable batteries


  • Enable child lock
  • Customize front and back colors and add logo

Compatible dual actuator systems:

  • TD4 Standard
  • TD5 Standard

Customize color, surface and even logo!

Customize the Standard version
We know that it is important to be able to ensure that hand controls can easily reflect a/your specific brand. That is why we have made it easy to customize color, surface, and add a brand logo on the battery lid without harming the overall design.

The HC40 TWIST is truly ‘Designed with you in mind’.

Designed with you in mind. 
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This is a new generation of hand controls for adjustable comfort beds - designed with you in mind. With a unique twisting shape the HC40 TWIST™ differs in look from its counterparts the HC40 FRAME™ versions.