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Work from home without compromising on style

The way we work has changed and fundamentally this new way of working will become the ‘norm’ for a large percentage of the population. Whether people will be permanently based working from home or splitting their time between the physical office environment and the home office.

There has and still is a focus on making people’s working space flexible, enabling agile working practices to be carried out much more efficiently.

Ergonomics focused on a desk rather than the chair has also become a priority when considering employees well-being.

Should this differ when people are working from home?

Leading global researcher Leeseman found that across 50,000 employees studied, only 34% of people had a designated work area in their home, and only 38% of people had space for a home office.

As stated above the issue most people have is space in their home and not wanting their home to resemble an office.

These were the considerations Consider 64 looked at when designing the Dining Desk.

Consider 64 is a family run London-based commercial furniture consulting company. Ergonomics is at the heart of everything Consider64 does. With the fundamental shift in how we work, Consider64 wanted to demonstrate how a flexible, ergonomic environment can be achieved not only in the office but also at home.

Consider64 - office desk

Consider64 - set table


Darren Andrews, Partner at Consider64, stated that ‘the Dining Desk has been designed so that anyone can gain the health benefits of an ergonomic workstation at home, without compromising on looks or space’.

The Dining Desk is the perfect product to blend a creative and stimulating work environment with the comforts of home, creating the ideal solution to promote a healthy work-life balance.

LINAK® Electric Desk lift Columns are used in the sit-stand version of the Dining Desk to provide instant, and easy to use electric sit-stand capabilities.

The DPG control enables the user to adjust the height of the desk, while providing an integrated reminder function.

DPG with reminder

Darren Andrews highlighted why as a company they decided to work with LINAK. ‘Through our combined experience in the furniture industry, Consider64 has regularly worked with LINAK products, both through specification and manufacturing. LINAK actuators have always been market leaders, combined with their fast and helpful customer service they have proved themselves to be incredibly trustworthy, reliable and flexible in an ever-changing world.’

The user can also link a phone app which helps to keep track of your daily results to ensure you receive the ergonomic benefits at home.

‘The height adjustability feature is simple in its movement and the desk can be raised and lowered in height, using a simple button, which goes from sitting to standing height within seconds’, as outlined by Suki Assee.

Consider64 works closely with independent Ergonomist Suki Assee, and Suki has reviewed the Dining Desk. A full copy of the review is available here.

The conclusion of the review from Suki is that ‘the Dining Desk features are unique in adaptability and performance. The stunning design, including its features, is a winning scenario for practical but design conscious workers. The Dining Desk is a great example of a design piece that is both ergonomic and beautiful’.

Consider64 - office desk from side


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Reduce sick days and create a modern office environment with electric sit-stand desks. An attractive investment for employers and their employees.

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