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Increasingly popular: Electrical height adjustment for industrial workstations

The issue of ergonomics has now also made its way into the manufacturing sector. Demand for electric height-adjustable work tables is booming.

RAU Gmbh: Electrical height adjustment for industrial workstations

When you visit the factory of the German company RAU you are met by the beautiful scent of wood. You can quickly understand why: RAU manufactures a wide range of work benches with massive beech worktops. The owner-operated company has been manufacturing workplace equipment since 1946, and in the last few years this has included electric height-adjustable desks, work tables and work benches.

Sustainable production and local sourcing

The Swabian company has grown rapidly in the last few years. It now counts 110 employees. Gero Henninger, Head of Sales and Marketing, says, "Quality, regionality and sustainability are a priority at RAU". The wood is sourced locally and is dried and prepared for further processing in-house. The energy for this process is generated by the company's own combined heat and power unit. Energy is also supplied by the solar panels on the roof. The electrical actuator systems are also not sourced from the far east but are supplied from the Danish manufacturer LINAK.

Progressive thinking – from energy to ergonomics

The company RAU is progressive in its thinking, not only with regard to an independent energy supply. This is why its product range has included height-adjustable workstation systems for around 15 years. It has collaborated with LINAK for around six years now.

LINAK introduced the idea of electric height adjustment for office workstations to the market around 30 years ago. Gero Henninger knows that the idea of height adjustment came from Scandinavia and that it quickly became established there.

Today we know that too much sitting is bad for the health. Sitting incorrectly can also cause health damage. Agile and ergonomic working has now become standard, mainly in large companies.

Beech worktopsMassive beech worktops are a RAU specialty. Photo: RAU GmbH

On the other hand, small and medium-sized companies still have some way to go. The German Interior Business Association (Industrieverband Büro und Arbeitswelt e.V.) confirmed this in a recently published study. Demand for height-adjustable work tables is booming - in Germany too.

The issue of ergonomics has now also made its way into the manufacturing sector. "The proportion of manual adjustable workstations in industry is higher but we are recording our growth in the segment with electrical adjustment," reports Mr Henninger.

Moved from hydraulic cylinders to electric and maintenance-free actuator systems

Previously, RAU used hydraulic cylinders for the height adjustment systems. "The maintenance costs were extremely high. We began looking for maintenance-free solutions," says Mr Henninger.

They then tried a few solutions, such as a desk with a hand crank and electric motor. "These were not the best solutions," says Mr Henninger. Six years ago, when the collaboration with LINAK began, RAU decided to only use electric solutions.

"Electric solutions are maintenance-free and clean, and they are quick to build in," says Mr Henninger, "LINAK supported us well." For its linear electric solutions, RAU uses the DL1A and the DL15. There are electric height adjustable workstations for different weight classes depending on the requirements in terms of load, equipment, and use. The workstations are in the 150, 300 and 650 kg range.

WorkstationsRAU offers combinations to fit customer demands. Size, tabletop, colors – just to mention a few. There are ultimately endless combinations for the buyer to find their own personal solution. Photo: RAU GmbH

Endless combinations to fit customer demands

"There are many standards here," explains Mr Henninger. But the work tables are still available in many different widths and structures so they can be combined individually. You can still choose from different worktops or a solid wood top. In terms of color, you can also choose the components. There are ultimately endless combinations and the buyer can find their own personal solution.

RAU only supplies its products to the specialist trade. A recently launched online store supports sales and guides buyers to their local dealer in the last step.

Contact your local LINAK office for actuator systems solutions for industrial workstations or technical workstations.

Mobile work benchMobile work benches mean flexibility – both for the production and the worker using the bench. Photo: RAU GmbH


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