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4Site enhances Console user experience with LINAK actuator technology

It is always a pleasure to do business, particularly with those who share common values. LINAK Australia recently partnered with 4Site, whose mission is to change people’s experience of life.

4Site enhances Command and Control Consoles with height-adjustable LINAK technology to enhance user experience.

Australian-owned and operated, 4Site develops and manufactures command and control Consoles in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) with input from their in-house industrial design team, local IT experts, and engineers. Paired with their 20+ years of experience in the commercial joinery business, it is not surprising that 4Site designed a console with almost limitless levels of customization, that uses high-quality materials for a clean, simplistic, and executive-looking aesthetic.

For 4Site, customer experience is everything; they know that they can successfully improve the quality of life and overall business performance by offering a product that combines ergonomics and functionality with style and reliability.

4Site enhances console user experience with LINAK DESKLINE lifting columns.

Although LINAK® previously supplied solutions and products for 4Site’s joinery when lifting systems were required, the DESKLINE team knew this new application would be an elaborate project requiring a high level of consulting and technical skill. The challenge was to provide a solution that met Australian workstation standards, achieved load requirements, and complimented the aesthetics and modular features of the Console. In addition, the final solution needed to be cost-effective, have access to a secure supply chain as well as reliable local product support.

LINAK incorporated the DL11 lifting column. The DL11 is a compact and sturdy three-part electric actuator offering the advantages of a great height range as well as quiet operation with built-in PIEZO™ anti-collision protection to safeguard the furniture.

In addition, LINAK recommended the plug and play control box CBD6S  and the intuitive controller desk panel DPG-1C  with a custom logo and diagnostics. The control desk panel gives the user the ability to set up four pre-configured height settings and optional Bluetooth® operability. Users can also use Windows or the phone app to set up goals and provide prompts for healthy movement throughout the work shift.

4Site enhances console user experience with LINAK DESKLINE lifting columns


The selection of LINAK components ensured the new Console met the needs of command and control users, who typically spend extended amounts of time sitting at their workstations. The Console has the necessary technology and wire management systems to promote a professional, clean, and safe work environment with no clutter, and is suitable for, but not limited to, Defense, Government, security, air-traffic control, broadcasting, emergency services, and many other industries.

'LINAK has a great reputation and makes reliable and functional products. Their actuators set the standard for lifting systems in today’s market, manufactured in Denmark as a unique and attractive product. LINAK actuators were one of my first thoughts in the initial research and development stage of our Console, as I have dealt with LINAK and their products in previous roles over the past five years and was always impressed by the quality, range, and service provided'.
Allan Staff, 4Site Commercial Product and Business Development.

LINAK actuators provide the central movement for the Console; beyond this, the monitor arm solutions available for screens provide individual adjustment and articulation to suit the user. Other features of the Console include anti-fatigue surfaces, personal storage options, ergonomic monitor arm solutions, power and data configurations, integrated PC and server storage with network and wire management, and LED status screen systems.

The market is never static, and as innovators, 4Site is committed to continually adapting and evolving its Console to meet the ergonomic and functionality requirements of the modern age.

4Site uses LINAK height-adjustable actuator technology to enhance the user experience.


Part of this includes building modular Consoles to allow ease of movement between rooms and spaces, if and where required. The modular functionality and superb quality offer customers a product that will last many years into the future.

Because progress is impossible without change, 4Site has concrete plans for ongoing development and improvement in the way their Consoles interact with new technologies, while also maintaining a strong emphasis on collaboration with their customers and clients as an innovative approach to doing business.

Innovation is key to improving people’s lives. LINAK is committed to manufacturing groundbreaking electric actuator technology solutions and ongoing support to locally-owned and operated original equipment manufacturers like 4Site to help them stay ahead of the curve and be successful well into the future.

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