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Engineered for smooth and quiet operation, our 12V actuators are ideal for indoor settings or environments where noise levels need to be minimized. From adjustable stroke lengths to customizable mounting options, LINAK® ensures that you have the flexibility to tailor our actuators to your specific requirements.

Two engineers are looking for a 12v electric actuator for industry and mobile machinery


The 12V linear actuators are designed to keep the noise down

Primarily, electric linear actuators with 12V are used in mobile machinery or mobile applications. The advantages of 12V electric actuators include their energy efficiency. They consume less power than higher voltage actuators and draw power only when adjusting. They are also compact, being smaller and lighter, making them ideal for applications with limited space. A significant benefit is their precise positioning capability, which is more accurate than hydraulic or pneumatic actuators.


Other voltage variations

LINAK offers linear actuators with several voltage options, catering to a wide range of applications and requirements. Whether you need precise linear movement control, robust design or quiet operation for sensitive environments, LINAK has a solution tailored to your needs. Besides the 12V actuators, we offer both 24V and 48V.

12V linear actuators for industrial applications 12V and 24V linear actuators 
12V-48V linear actuators for heavy-duty applications in the industry 12V - 48V linear actuators  

With advanced features such as integrated feedback systems, customizable stroke lengths, and IP-rated protection against dust and moisture, LINAK actuators deliver reliability, performance, and versatility for various industries and tasks.

No matter what type of voltage your environment requires, LINAK can assist in finding the right electric linear actuator for you.


Electric Linear Actuators: Which one do I need?

How do you figure out which linear actuator you will need for your application? Consider factors such as the type of power supply, the specific tasks the actuator needs to perform, stroke length, and IP rating. LINAK actuators offer more than just form and function — they bring your application to life with reliable linear motion.

Finding out which type of linear actuator you need depends on which application you are going to use it for. LINAK has a wide variety of products to suit your best needs that are easy to install for a variety of projects.

Electric linear actuator in various sizes, stroke lengths and power ratings


12 Volt vs. 24 Volt electric linear actuator

12-volt linear actuators are favored for their suitability in environments such as marine and agriculture. These actuators excel in tasks where precision and smooth operation are paramount, offering adequate force and speed.

On the other hand, 24-volt linear actuators and 48-volt linear actuators are often chosen for applications in larger industrial or manufacturing settings. Depending on which voltage you need, LINAK has you covered.


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