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LIN bus for lower complexity applications

The LIN protocol serves an increasingly important role in providing low-cost feature expansion in modern vehicles. LIN bus is a cost-effective supplement to CAN bus.

What is LIN bus?

LIN bus is a cost-effective supplement to CAN bus. The overall performance and reliability of the network is lower compared to CAN bus, but the protocol is very suitable for non-critical components (such as electric adjustment of seat and/or windows in a cabin and climate control).


LINAK® actuators with integrated LIN bus

LIN bus is part of our IC Integrated Controller™ program and is a communication technology that has been on the market for years.

The LIN bus network enables one or more LINAK actuators to be connected to a LIN bus master. A range of several actuators can exist on the same network. By following the LINAK LIN bus framework, the system will allow full control and status feedback over the network.

We offer a range of actuators with integrated LIN bus.

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Features and advantages

The LIN bus can provide feedback information about the piston position and whether the end stop is reached, error information, system identification data, and actual current at run-time. It is also possible to send input commands to the system and invoke actuator movement based on direction.

Features of actuators with LIN bus





Dynamic speed adjustment

Variation of speed throughout the actuator movement and direct read-out of the position on the LIN bus network.


Soft start and stop

Soft-start and stop times can be set for a smoother run to reduce mechanical stress on your machinery.


The benefits of actuators with integrated LIN bus are many

  • Check real-time position of the actuators
  • Monitor their status feedback, such as current and other status information
  • Fewer components and simple wiring, easy to integrate in your machine
  • Service data allows for faster troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Dynamic current limiting
  • Fully documented framework description
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Actuators with IC – integrated Controller from LINAK can be configured via the BusLink Configuration Software.

Download a free version of the latest BusLink software to configure your actuator or read out service data. The basic functionalities are explained here, and each communication protocol also comes with a variety of added features and guidelines.


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