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CANopen® to aid with increasing automation in heavy-duty applications

CANopen is an additional option for LINAK® actuators to improve control in automation and autonomous vehicles. CANopen actuators are easy to integrate and configure.


What is CANopen?

CANopen is a high-level communication protocol that is based on the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol. It relies on the CiA 301 standard and is one of the main network architectures used in industries such as railway, agriculture, heavy truck and bus, marine, off-highway, and factory automation.

It was originally designed for motion-oriented machine control systems, such as handling systems. Today it is used in various application fields, such as robotics (automated robotics, conveyor belts and other industrial machinery), automotive (agriculture, railway, trailers, heavy-duty, mining, marine) and many more.


LINAK actuators with integrated CANopen

CANopen is part of the LINAK IC Integrated Controller™ program and is a well-known communication technology that has been on the market for decades. Our CANopen actuators are primarily designed with a focus on industrial automation.

With the fast-growing automation trend, the demand for CANopen as control option increases, making CANopen actuators highly relevant. With the CANopen option, you can integrate an actuator directly into an existing CANopen network without the need for converter modules.

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We offer a range of actuators with CANopen interface. This adds extra flexibility for manufacturers. Worth highlighting is that the heavy-duty actuators LA36 and LA37 are also available in both 24V and 48V editions, widening the range of product options even more.

Furthermore, CANopen is also well-suited for battery-driven applications.


A wider degree of flexibility

CANopen is an additional option for LINAK actuators, offering a wide degree of flexibility – especially for software engineers who must control and monitor various vehicle components with a single platform.


Features and advantages

Aside from full position control, the CANopen actuators can provide feedback information about the piston position, current consumption, speed, and full diagnostics. It also provides system identification data and actual current at run-time. This allows faster troubleshooting.

Features of actuators with integrated CANopen





Software addressing

The individual CAN Node-ID assignment can be achieved using the LINAK service tool.


Dynamic speed adjustment

Variation of speed throughout the actuator movement and direct read-out of the position on the CAN bus network


Soft start and stop

Soft-start and stop times can be set directly using a CAN command. Here you can set a ramp time for a smoother run to reduce mechanical stress on your machinery.


Increased compatibility

A wide range of fixed communication speeds in addition to Autobaud for increased compatibility with various machinery.


Easy installation

The provided electronic data sheet .eds file ensures an effortless setup.



The benefits of LINAK actuators with integrated CANopen are many

  • Check real-time position of the actuators
  • Monitor their status feedback such as speed, run-time, current and other conditions
  • Full diagnostics and service overview including both current and historic data
  • Fewer components and simple wiring, which is easy to integrate with your machine
  • Service data allows for faster troubleshooting and maintenance

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'The CANopen actuator setup allows us to pull all sorts of data about power consumption, position, speed, and performance status. This gives us much better control options and enables us to troubleshoot faster and thereby service our customers faster.'
Kim Andersen, Electrical Design Manager at Versalift.

Supporting literature

If you would like to know more about LINAK actuators and the CANopen option that comes with them, please visit our CANopen datasheet and user manual or contact your local LINAK office.

CANopen user manual software version 1
Electronic Data Sheet for CANopen (.eds file)




Actuators with IC Integrated Controller from LINAK can be configured via the BusLink configuration software.

Download a free version of the latest BusLink software to configure your actuator or read out service data. The basic functionalities are explained here, and each communication protocol also comes with a variety of specific features.


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