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Case story

Actuators from LINAK make automated feeding possible

In March 2013, the dairy cattle specialist at Lely presented a feeding robot. The Vector automatic feeding system. To optimize the system Lely makes use of electric actuators.

Automated feeding case story
The use of an electric actuator offers several advantages,” says Bert-Jan Pastoor, production engineer at Lely. 

In contrast with a standard electric motor, the LINAK actuator has an extremely narrow design, allowing excellent integration into the feeding robot.”

The system collects the forage, mixes it, and carries it to the cows several times a day.

The cutter, for the mixing, is set by means of an electric LINAK actuator. An LA36 specially adapted for Lely with a shortened stroke of 70 millimeters and a special control PCB provide accurate settings for the opposing cutter.

In addition to setting the opposing cutter, a second LINAK actuator drives the robot's moving deflector, which pushes the feed to the feeding grille.

Owing to the electronics that have been specifically adapted for Lely, the actuator communicates easily with Lely's control unit.

During transport in the stable or outdoors, the deflector is lifted for the sake of hygiene. This means that neither dirt nor bacteria can get into the stable. In the stable, the LINAK LA36 lowers the deflector exactly to floor level. Positioning is easy owing to the perfect position feedback of the LA36.

In addition, the operational ability of the LA36 under difficult conditions makes it an ideal component for the Lely Vector. 

The LA36 withstands wet and dirty conditions. Furthermore, its low energy consumption was a significant factor in its favor.

During filling, its batteries are charged. While a rechargeable battery provides power to the robot, only electric adjustable systems are suitable. The mixing unit for the forage is the main consumer of energy.

The two LINAK actuators require comparatively little energy. A number of sensors are installed in the feeding robot, which measures the amount of forage in front of the feed gate, for example. 

By using the feeding robot, farmers save valuable time and, in comparison with other feed systems, energy as well. Apart from the actuators' appropriate product characteristics, good cooperation with LINAK favored the use of the LA36 actuators in the Vector feeding robot.

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