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Only the best pass our tests

There are batteries… and then there are LINAK batteries.

Battery testing at LINAK

Finding the right supplier

An important part of LINAK® product design is to find and select the best suppliers. When designing batteries, we search worldwide to find high-quality battery cells with the right price level. Test to ensure quality.

LINAK is known for reliable products with long and trouble-free operation. To support this in future developments, we test the selected battery cells for many months to simulate product lifetime in the field. During the test period, we look at consistent performance and stability.


Battery testing at LINAK

Our unique approach

  • We don’t take producers’ data for granted. We always check ourselves
  • Our tests are based on 30 years of market experience in battery use
  • We test to failure – so we know what to expect


Product design

When the right component suppliers have been selected, we start the design phase. Besides good and functional design, elements like safety, quality, and reliability are our guides. Especially with Li-Ion batteries, safety is important. The design must allow for limitation and distribution of heat that has built up during use and even more if misused to avoid hazardous situations.


Battery testing at LINAK

Tested for real life… and beyond

  • 32 channels, for testing 32 cells or complete batteries
  • Our tests run continuously 24/7/365… every year
  • Each new cell test takes approx. 6 months before commissioning
  • Batteries charged and discharged as in real life and discharged back into the local grid


Battery testing at LINAK


Final test

When product development has been completed, the testing in the laboratory continues. Now the final LINAK product must prove its performance and lifetime to give you the best products.

This is how we design batteries at LINAK.



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