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Choose the right control box for your healthcare equipment

With their characteristic look and the easy-to-fit mounting options, the LINAK control boxes for actuator systems in healthcare applications are popular across medical branches. But, how do you choose the one optimal for your application?

To help you find the control box matching the system your application uses, we have made this;

The LINAK® Control Box Selector






Not programmable

Control box CA30

120 W

Control box CA40

120 W


Analogue / Digital


200 W



Control box CO61

200 W


280 W 


350 W



For systems requiring 6-12 channels, we recommend using a port junction box PJ2  and a LINAK® CO-Link™.


Have the right number of channels
LINAK control boxes for healthcare applications are easily identified. Their shape and size are the same, as well as many of the value-adding options, such as easy cable management and the IPX6 Washable DURA™ rating, that are available.

Most adjustable healthcare applications usually have between two and five channels. Each can provide an actuator, hand control or a value-adding feature with the power and date required. Sum up the number of actuators and features you need, calculate the power required, and then choose the control box (or boxes) able to do the job.

NOTE: If more channels are needed, you can double the number with a port junction box PJ2 and a LINAK CO-Link™.

Power enough to ensure smooth and optimal performance
The control boxes under ‘One World – One Box’  cover a power range between 120 W to 350 W. They all come with Switch-Mode Power Supply (SMPS), giving you higher power conversion efficiency – ultimately allowing you to have smooth and controlled movement regardless of the load.

NOTE: If more power is needed, it is possible to double the power outlet using a LINAK CO-Link™.

Go OpenBus™ when you need to
The main difference between running an analogue system and an OpenBus™ system is the number of safety features you have. LINAK OpenBus™ gives you quite a few more safety-improving features, as well as many value-adding features. Some of them are required by legislative standards, and depending on your digital setup, OpenBus™ is worth considering.

Value-adding features for efficiency and comfort
Some of the features that can influence your choice of control box either help increase healthcare staff’s efficiency or aim to improve ergonomics or patients’ comfort. Usually, we call these value-adding features. They include everything from wireless hand controls to Under Bed Light or advanced Scales functionality.

If you have any questions about the LINAK Control Box Selector or about our actuator systems in general, please contact your local LINAK office.


LINAK owns the concept ‘One World – One Box’. It means that regardless of features or specifications, you can combine products across our product portfolio and create the system you need for your application. The Control Box Selector is our short-cut guide to find the optimal control box for your system.

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