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ZERO™ technology at home

LINAK ZERO™ technology keeps standby power consumption in adjustable comfort furniture as low as <0.1W – reducing CO₂ emissions to an absolute minimum.

ZERO™ Technology HOMELINE - Tech and Trends
The increased public awareness of the effects of climate change has also put focus on CO₂ emissions caused by standby power consumption in all sorts of equipment. 

That is why LINAK developed ZERO™ Technology for several comfort furniture products, and it set a new standard for what is perceived as responsible standby consumption in various types of furniture.

Make a difference and stand by the climate
In order to be able to move at the push of a button, a comfort bed also needs to use little power while in standby mode. With ZERO™ technology it is possible to reduce typical standby consumption to a level of just 0.1W.

If you want to know more about ZERO™ technology, contact LINAK directly.
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