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Soft-start-stop technology – comfort in the finer detail

Part of the smooth movement experience in modern comfort furniture lies in the soft acceleration and deceleration by the actuators. This often overlooked piece of technology helps ensure uninterrupted comfort – also while the user changes the position of the backrest or adjusts the foot support.

Soft-start-stop technology – comfort in the finer detail

Imagine yourself sitting comfortably in your exclusive leisure bed at home Sunday morning – breakfast rolls ready and the Sunday paper on the tray. You just have to adjust the backrest a tiny bit… and then, a sudden jerk and the coffee cup topples onto the bed – coffee is all over. Not so nice!

Maybe you have not even thought about it. The actuator providing the movement in your adjustable recliner or comfort bed does not start or stop with a sudden jerk. It does so with soft and gentle acceleration and deceleration. 

Most people would likely not even notice it. But they sure would if the soft-start-stop technology inside the actuators was not there. 

Refine comfort in movement

The advanced technology behind the soft-start-stop function in LINAK® actuators – single actuators as well as TWINDRIVE® dual actuators – primarily serves as a comfort-improving feature. So of course, both movement of the backrest and the foot support in a recliner becomes far more comfortable with soft starts and stops; and it actually helps keep the sound level emitted by the actuators low and pleasant too. But, that is not even all.

Protect your comfort furniture

Both furniture frames and the actuator system benefit from the soft-start-stop technology. Gentle movement eases the strain on the materials and the equipment – especially when the chair or bed carries a load. The obvious consequence is longer life for your furniture and ultimately happier consumers. The reasons for preferring actuator systems with soft-start-stop technology are easy to find. 

There is more information about actuator systems for comfort beds and for recliners on this website. If you have questions about either or about soft-start-stop technology, you are welcome to reach out to your local LINAK office.


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