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IC (Integrated Controller) technology for comfort beds

IC (Integrated controller) technology in actuators for comfort beds ensures that the number of products in a system is kept to a minimum – minimizing both assembly time and cost in production as well as optimizing stock management for bed manufacturers.

When actuators for comfort beds come with IC (Integrated controller) technology it means that the control box is integrated in the actuator. This technology is a great advantage for bed manufacturers, bed designers and consumers – as it keeps the number of products in a system to a bare minimum. This makes the complete system even more compact, i.e., the system is easy to incorporate in many different bed designs. An essential benefit is also that IC technology saves both designers and manufacturers from the inconvenience of having to manage and mount control boxes.

Save time and hassle in both production and stock management
The fact that an integrated controller saves the manufacturers from having to deal with a control box has multiple advantages in both production as well as stock management. For production, the IC technology means that mounting a complete system in a bed requires fewer cables and is less time consuming. For stock management, the manufacturer can be more efficient as the control box, and matching cables, do not have to take up space and do not have to be managed as a part of stock.

For bed designers, a system with Integrated Controller means that it takes up a minimum of space in the furniture – making it easier to integrate adjustability. This means consumers can have an adjustable bed, and still have space under their bed.

Fewer cables benefit everyone
For both manufacturers and bed designers an added benefit of integrating the control box is of course that there will be fewer cables which can break or get stuck in the bed frame. This essentially means fewer broken systems, and less money spent on replacing cables and mounting new ones. The benefits to a brand are obvious: an adjustable bed with little maintenance is an obvious winner. Consumers will automatically benefit form this, as there are fewer parts that can break or be damaged. Resulting in a bed with less likelihood of many repairs.

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