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Make office workers stay active and healthy throughout their day

Want to bring movement to the office and help your employees stay healthy? Below are a few tips on how electric sit-stand desks and motivational tools help create healthy office habits. Standing for 8 minutes every 30 minutes make a huge difference.

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For every 30 minutes: Move for 2 minutes, stand for 8 minutes, sit for 20 minutes

Several studies show that breaking up physical inactive periods will help minimize their negative health effects. Electric sit-stand desks bring movement in the office, and this is what it all about. As it is neither healthy to stand nor to sit all day, the ideal situation is to switch between standing and sitting and move around as much as possible throughout the day.

In fact, experts claim that the ideal sit-stand balance for every 30 minutes is to:

  • Stand for 8 minutes
  • Move/stretch for 2 minutes
  • Sit in neutral positions for 20 minutes
Make office workers stay active and healthy

Choose a desk system designed to help office workers stay active
Changing habits is not an easy task. But there are ways that help acquire healthy habits. To support office workers, LINAK made an extra effort to design user-friendly office desk systems and motivating desk accessories.

Desk Panels with integrated sit-stand reminders
The most visible part of a sit-stand desk is the desk panel. If a desk is easy to control, changing postures during the day becomes an easier taks. Most LINAK desk panels include memory position functions, allowing users to store their favorite desk heights and making it easier to switch between their preferred sit and stand position.

For intuitive desk handling, LINAK designed the Desk Panel DPG series. It is designed for operating without the use of buttons. Advanced models include sit-stand reminder functions via an integrated LED diode / light strip – its color indicating to the user if it is time to stand up.

Desk control App

Personal sit-stand statistics and tracking via mobile devices
Most LINAK desk systems also allow users to receive sit-stand reminder notifications and follow their personal statistics via their mobile device, using the free Desk Control App. It works via Bluetooth® wireless technology and is available for Android and iOS devices.

Download the Apps in the stores:

Download the Desk Control App for iOS.
Download Desk control app
Download the Desk Control App for Android. Download Desk control app



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Desk Panels DPG – Designed to shape behavior


MOVE – Why sit-stand desks increase work performance

Reduce sick days and create a modern office environment with electric sit-stand desks. An attractive investment for employers and their employees.

App solutions for office desks

Which app to choose? The LINAK Desk Control App™ or the branded, customized Desk Control™ App? We provide you with an overview in this booklet.

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