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Get the most from your standing desk

There are very few triggers in the work environment reminding office workers to use their standing desks during the day. This unique insight was a significant finding from the analysis phase of a behavioral study conducted by /KL.7, a European behavioral design agency. To prove that reminders could be big part of the solution to helping people move more during work hours, LINAK funded a study to take a look at their effect on office workers.

Reminders increase standing time by over 117%

Over a 3 week period /KL.7 monitored 54 office workers, collecting data on 9,184 observations and over 4,530 hours of sit stand activity. During this time, two types of interventions were tested at three different workplaces, email reminders and tactile/auditory reminders. The office workers either received an email with new content each day at different times or a reminder was placed on their desk for them to feel and hear once every hour.

For those we considered light-users, or those that typically stand at their desk less than 20% of the time, their standing time increased from 36.3 minutes per day to 78.9 minutes per day. And for those considered non-users, or those that typically stood less than 2% of the time, their standing time increased by 12.3 minutes. With reminders, the largest group, the light-users, saw an increase of over 117% in their standing time. That is a great start towards ensuring employees see the health and performance benefits and that companies see the productivity and cost benefits of their sit stand desks.

When the green light turns orange, it is time to move

Designed to shape behavior, the DPG Desk Panel series from LINAK motivates individuals to use their height-adjustable desks. The advanced series of our DPG desk panels make use of colors to naturally indicate when it is time to stand, and is integrated with Bluetooth® technology for additional alerts, goal setting & other features using the LINAK Desk Control™ app.

The intuitive reminder function is integrated in three of our four DPG Desk Panel models. The reminder function indicates the current desk usage status and it changes its color when it is time for the user to change posture – from sitting to standing. The idea behind the integration of colored lights is to offer desk users an easy understandable tool that motivates them to develop healthy standing habits. When the “sit interval” is about to end, this green light will turn into a more pulsating orange tone – which signals the user that it's time to move. Desk users can either use the pre-configured intervals or set-up their own intervals to meet their needs.

Forgetting to stand? There is an app for that.

The advanced DPG Desk Panel models (DPG1C, DPG1B and DPG1M) are compatible with the LINAK Desk Control™ App for your mobile device as they feature Bluetooth® wireless technology. Allowing users to receive a notification and a reminding buzz on your mobile device when the DPG Desk Panel is signaling that it's time to move.

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Desk Panels DPG - the innovative way to adjust office desks

This intuitive desk panel series is designed to shape behavior and is operated by tilting. Advanced models offer visual sit-stand reminders, height memory, Bluetooth® connectivity and much more.

DPG1M data sheet

View the data sheet as an online magazine or download the PDF