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Digital solutions to improve office work spaces

Digitalization is expanding into all areas of our daily lives – including our working lives. LINAK whole-heartedly supports this trend and pushes development of digital solutions for adjustable office desks.

Digital solutions to improve office work spaces

Working lives in offices are changing a lot over the years. More workers have to share the space (and desks) available and workstations have to be flexible to accommodate different employees across shifts. The concept of ‘activity-based working’ has become more widespread, and allows workers to move around and perform assignments and tasks where they find it suitable1.

At the same time there is an increased focus on health, ergonomics, and efficiency of modern office workers. Electric sit-stand desks have to be able to track movement patterns and ‘remember’ personal and optimal work positions and then help remind the workers to change posture.

Prepare the office – the digital future is here

At LINAK, you already find the broadest selection of products for adjustment of office desks on the market. Adding digital solutions to this portfolio, allows you to accommodate the most modern office environments and support ‘activity-based working’.

Users of sit-stand desks equipped with the award-winning Desk Panel DPG will enjoy the full advantages of ‘going digital’ when they download the LINAK® Desk Control™ App – either on their mobile device or on their Windows PC.

Digital solutions to improve office work spaces

Help office workers improve work routines

The app and the DPG are designed to connect and enable functions such as auto-connect, sit-stand position memory, auto drive, and friendly reminders. However, one of the truly future-proof features in the DPG/App-combo is the on-the-fly statistics with overview.

All through the day, the user can get information about minutes standing and calories burned. The truly dedicated user can also set personal goals in the app, and then follow his or her progress towards these goals.

Digital solutions to improve office work spaces

Bring great solutions to the table

LINAK® digital solutions are developed to help workers utilize the office desk’s adjustment function more actively and to allow them to thrive and ultimately improve their health1 by changing position – sit to stand – every so often.

At the end of the day, however, you will be the one adding the extra value to workers, employers, and furniture designers alike, when you provide these benefits with your furniture.

Digital solutions to improve office work spaces

The free LINAK® Desk Control App comes in different versions for different platforms:

  • iOS for iPhones and iPads
  • Android for Android smartphones and tablets
  • Windows 10 for PCs

Download your free copy of the Desk Control app in stores by following this link.

If you want to know more about how digital solutions can improve your adjustable office desk application, or how LINAK supports activity-based working, please reach out to your local LINAK office.


1Regular change of position – switching from sitting to standing – is known to help limit risk of cardiovascular diseases, support weight loss, burn more calories, and generally improve overall health and feeling of happiness.


User statistics in focus with new LINAK Desk Control App release


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App solutions for office desks

Which app to choose? The LINAK Desk Control App™ or the branded, customized Desk Control™ App? We provide you with an overview in this booklet.

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