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Bench systems for efficient utilization of space and clean design

One of the fastest growing applications in today’s office is bench systems. As the amount of space available for each employee in the office decreases, bench desks bring an element of flexibility to desks and their arrangement.

Bench systems for efficient utilization of space and clean design

Versatility is essential when designing an office where you try to maximize space. What seems like a multi-decade trend is continuing to be a challenge for businesses. How do you get the most out of office spaces that seem to get smaller and smaller? 

According to figures published by CBS News, offices were expected to average 151 square feet (14 square meters) per employee in 2017 – a significant decline from 225 square feet (21 square meters) in 2010.

This is where bench systems come in. Bench systems connect what would have been two or more free-standing desks, and reduce the space wasted on wiring/cables, individual computer hubs, dividers, and even the room needed for an improved look, appeal and cleaning. 

Optimize the use of office space available
Bracketing desks together truly does seem to add more space for each employee. The industry has seen some truly unique designs with benching systems that support individual preferences while making communication and collaboration even easier. This also provides options that are ‘design forward’ and that often offer more privacy than standard desk open-design layouts do.

Adding more options for the desk user
You can add an even newer level of employee-focused innovation, bringing movement to benching systems. With products like LINAK® DESKLIFT™ lifting columns, which offer benching brackets as an option, building sit-stand bench desks becomes much easier.

Using benching systems, interactions with the people around you are improved – and so is the connectivity of technology. With the newly freed up space, you also have better methods of bringing cables together or providing single hubs for technology, unlike before where multiple cables were needed. 

If the bench is mobile, battery-powered lifting columns can make sure that your desk area location is as flexible as possible. Allowing for continued sit-stand movement no matter where your benching system moves. 

All-in-all, you give office designers the freedom to make more open and fluid arrangements with quality bench systems.

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