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Promote work-life quality

As a company founded with the purpose of inspiring movement in workplaces worldwide, it felt only natural for the American enterprise, KOR Industries, to add LINAK Desk Control to their products. The tailored software for height adjustable desks recently came in a customizable edition, making it possible for companies like KOR to promote health at work even more.

Promote work-life quality

KOR Industries was founded in 2015 to create a new breed of height adjustable desks. Though the brand is new, all products are designed and engineered by a team of office industry veterans, ergonomic experts and engineers from the technology field.

The mission and driving force for this rapidly growing company is centered on improving wellness, vitality and quality of life for their customers.

Align Desk Control™ with your design
LINAK® Desk Control Software allows producers of office desks and workstations to customize the user interface. This immediately inspired KOR to contact LINAK for help to customize Desk Control software to meet their design needs.
“We chose to partner with LINAK because their products are the best in the world. Because other companies do not provide the criteria to meet our overall brand and product standards,” says Tim Dobson, co-founding President of KOR.
“We do not cut corners and we want people to recognize our brand, and send more customers along via the belief in the brand and relationships built. LINAK has the finest components to marry with our products.” 

Partnerships prompt even better products
At LINAK the philosophy is that close cooperation is the shortest route to a perfect solution. From start to finish, the process to customize the software was remarkably short, and Tim Dobson was pleased with the outcome.

“We knew we wanted to get the customized version out into the market as soon as possible. The LINAK team created a seamless process. We worked directly with persons from sales, operations, customer service - everyone is knowledgeable and helpful. It feels like family.

Use your brand to encourage good health
For KOR, personal tracking does not force you to be proactive, but rather it becomes a part of one’s lifestyle. Going forward, the focus will be on the growth of smart technology in untouched markets and the customers’ access to lifestyle changes, right at their fingertips. 

LINAK Desk Control works with all DESKLINE® systems. Please contact us for specifications and other innovative solutions for modern workspaces.  

LINAK launched Desk Control in 2014 to provide customers with software technology that individualizes the user experience and with which you can adjust your height adjustable desk. The control reminds you to adjust your desk, tracks the time standing as well as calories burned. The software was successful, and as a result, LINAK recently made customization of the software a possibility.

Compact series of DESKLINE control boxes from LINAK sets the standard play-icon

Compact series of DESKLINE control boxes from LINAK sets the standard


DESKLINE product overview

If you make any kind of desk, table or counter that people work at, a height adjustable electric actuator solution is the flexible way to gain a competitive edge and improve your business.

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DESKLINE quality matters

We use high quality components, state-of-the art production and the most demanding testing standards in the industry to achieve excellent quality.

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