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Meet the pioneers of adjustable kitchens

For the Petersen family in Nordborg, Denmark, a renovation of their 1980 kitchen ended up with a pioneering journey into an utterly new chapter in private home décor.

Pioneers of adjustable kitchens case story

On the small and picturesque island of Als in Denmark people are not afraid to challenge the status quo or improve existing standards. Several local companies hold world patents for innovative products and people in general are historically accustomed to change. For master painter Jorgen Petersen and his wife, Helle Petersen, an interior refurbishment of the family kitchen ended up being a milestone in kitchen innovation.

Our kitchen was as old as the house itself,” Helle Petersen explains, “everything was worn down and the kitchen table was too low for us. So, we basically had to tear everything in the kitchen down and start all over. And so we did!

Moving décor in the kitchen
On personal recommendations from friends and through Petersen’s professional network, the Danish specialist contractor, Sonderborg Kitchen, was singled out, and then things quickly took off.

“The house is a mere 125 m² so we were very focused on getting the most out of the little space we have. We knew Sonderborg Kitchen to be linked with quality and solutions a bit more advanced than your average table and shelf system,” says Helle Petersen.

The result was a smoothly designed kitchen with quality tables, shelves, and a kitchen range with a hidden extractor hood above. However, a 2 m² cooking island in the middle of the room made the Petersen’s kitchen stand out. LINAK Baselift™ units hidden inside the island’s base most likely made it the first adjustable kitchen in a private home in Denmark.

It is fantastic – we are so pleased with it,” Helle Petersen replies with a broad smile. “We both love to cook – Jorgen, for instance, likes to make sausages, and we often make our own bread too. With the adjustable island, we can optimize the table height, which makes it far less strenuous spending hours in the kitchen.

Get more space with minimal effort
The adjustable table island in the middle of the Petersen’s kitchen makes it possible to set work heights between 87cm and 97cm – which is more than sufficient for the majority of Scandinavians.

As the Baselift units are discreetly placed in the very bottom of the island, the cabinets under the table are also elevated, making shelves and utensils inside easier to reach. A pop-up outlet box in the middle of the table and a hidden 380V socket make it possible to place and operate even large kitchen aids.

Having all these features, the height adjustment and the full cabinet space underneath available, makes it such a pleasure and much more fun to create food. We are surely more likely to do so now than we would have been in the old kitchen,” Helle Petersen states and lowers the table top to cut a few slices of freshly baked rye bread for the upcoming lunch. 

The adjustable kitchen was installed in the Petersen family home in Nordborg during the summer of 2015. It was a pioneer project powered by LINAK and delivered by the Danish contractor, Sonderborg Kitchen.

LINAK Baselift - Ergonomics meets innovation play-icon

LINAK Baselift - ergonomics meets innovation

How to mount a Baselift system from LINAK in a kitchen play-icon

How to mount a Baselift system from LINAK in a kitchen


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Take your kitchen to the next level. The sky is the limit when it comes to how electric movement can improve tomorrow’s kitchen.

Bring movement to the kitchen

A healthy working position is important in all our everyday activities, regardless of whether we are at work or at home. That is why LINAK developed Baselift for height adjustability of a kitchen tabletop.

Baselift: ergonomics meets innovation

Baselift is a compact unit used for height adjustment of kitchens, cabinets and counters.

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If you make any kind of desk, table or counter that people work at, a height adjustable electric actuator solution is the flexible way to gain a competitive edge and improve your business.

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We use high quality components, state-of-the art production and the most demanding testing standards in the industry to achieve excellent quality.

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