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WiFi2LIN Module

This Wi-Fi module is part of the LINAK Voice Control solution for adjustable beds. Combined with the customized Bed Control IoT App, it enables owners of adjustable comfort beds to install and use their LINAK Voice Control solution through their Google Home or Amazon Echo unit.

WiFi2LIN Module

The WiFi2LIN box enables connection of HOMELINE® applications to a Wi-Fi connectivity. It opens up a world of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, for example Voice Control, which can be added to support the features of our products, and make them part of the user’s smart home.

Via the LINAK cloud, the WiFi2LIN box receives data/commands from the voice control unit and makes the bed move to the desired position.

The WiFi2LIN box is compatible with the LA18 IC Advanced, the TD4 Advanced and the TD5 Advanced.

The WiFi2LIN box is easy to connect. Simply connect the box to the application using a DC cable for power and a LINbus cable for communication, and apply power.

Use the Bed Control IoT app to set up the box to the private network. Via the network, the box connects to the LINAK® generic cloud, where an anonymous registration of the bed is made.

In the LINAK HOMELINE application cloud, the user account information is stored, and the user account and the bed will be linked. The user must then link this user account to his/her smart home system account, so when the user uses a voice control in his/her smart home, the right bed is operated.

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WiFi2LIN Module data sheet

View the data sheet as an online magazine or download the PDF

WiFi2LIN Module user manual

This user manual will explain how to prepare, mount, and finish the connection of the WiFi2LIN module to the actuator. Including LED 1 and LED 2 light indicators.

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Got a question?

- Our team is ready to assist you with technical information, starting a project and more.