News May 21, 2019

New hand control HC40 – ‘Designed with you in mind’

LINAK® introduces a whole new era in hand controls for comfort bed adjustment systems - and it is unlike anything you have seen before! A new family of hand controls, called the HC40, sets afar richer standard for both gathering end user input and for customization and personalization of comfort furniture in general. This is a hand control ‘designed with you in mind’.

The design of the new Hand Control HC40 relies heavily on an extensive user survey. This survey helped identify the features and functions most desired by users of comfort beds. By combining the end user survey results with the insights into customization in the market, we developed and designed the HC40 - literally with ‘you’ in mind. 

Get a grip – look and feel the new HC40
Users expressed a clear wish for well-designed hand controls able to match the interior decor of their bedroom. Therefore, we have gone to great lengths to develop this “family” of hand controls that has an exquisite look and rests safely in the palm of your hand. The HC40 has all buttons and functions within reach in one grip, as well as easy, intuitive and tactile navigation.

The HC40 family truly is ‘Designed with you in mind’.  

Be unique – different variants for different bed designs
To accommodate the diversity in bed types and designs the HC40 comes in two designs – the HC40 TWIST™. One comes with an elegant metallic frame, whereas the other has a twisting shape. Both designs also come in a Standard edition and an Advanced edition.

The Standard edition is for beds where less-is-more. We have created a hand control not only developed for standard bed systems – adjusting backrest and leg support and running simultaneous drive, but also providing a great design and being compatible with dual actuators, such as the TD4 Standard and the TD5 Standard. This gives you a system with a lot of integrated features as well as a lifting capacity of up to 7,000 N.  

The Advanced edition of the HC40 is made to eliminate the need for multiple bedside devices. Regardless of how many motors, positions, or massage options the bed offers, the design of this control remains clean. With it comes multiple extra features, such as light-adaptable color display, silent alarm with massage, and personalized greetings. Both of the Advanced editions of the HC40 are compatible with the Advanced versions of our dual actuators TD4 and TD5. This results in compact advanced systems rich in advanced features and a lifting capacity of up to 7,000 N.  

The above-mentioned variety allows manufacturers to select the design matching their overall bed design the best, and the edition matching their customer requests. 

HC40 Standard and Advanced editions

For the full story about the HC40, please visit the HC40 theme site: HC40 – ‘Designed with you in mind’

You are also welcome to contact your local LINAK office for more information. 

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