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LINAK actuator solutions are the way to more automated material handling – lifting, moving and placing goods with precision in the warehouse or product line.

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Actuator solutions for the modern AGV

More and more Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) supersede manual labor at warehouses and along production lines around the world. For this to be viable, the AGVs need to be reliable and incredibly durable. At the same time, focus on the environment increases the demand for electric solutions. LINAK actuators create smooth and precise movement and provide owners benefits like:

  • Robust yet flexible solutions, easy to install
  • Energy efficient movement with no oil spills or maintenance
  • Intelligent contribution to your control system

Reliability and flexibility are keywords for customers when considering AGVs. Vehicles need to be autonomous, reliable, and easy to integrate with other applications and control systems. Electric actuators help move, lift and deliver pallets, rolls, and racks along with carts and containers. Materials can be anything from paper or plastic to rubber or steel. 

Make it simple – make it last
No two product lines are alike. Some need a single lift to level material, while others require more sophisticated automation. Electric actuator solutions are simple to install, as they require only power and signal cords to function. LINAK provides a broad variety of solutions – all thoroughly tested to withstand both time and harsh conditions.

Be energy efficient and save on maintenance
Electric actuator solutions have no pumps or compressors. This means, for instance, that stand-by energy consumption is very low. But even when the actuator is active, energy consumption is kept low, which again prolongs its lifetime. In addition, the absence of hoses, pumps and compressors also makes periodic maintenance unnecessary.

Integrate intelligent solutions in your system
The market for effective AGVs is expanding rapidly, and as environmental focus increases, electric drivetrains become the standard solution. Electric actuators integrate smoothly with any BUS communication system, allowing staff to monitor and control every actuator remotely.

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Move for the Future - Actuators with Integrated Controller


Actuator solutions from LINAK - perfect movement for industrial automation applications


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Industrial automation solutions

LINAK actuators allow intelligent movement, precise adjustment, and accurate loading within modern industrial automation.

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Videos related to automated guided vehicles

Learn more about the electric actuator technology used in AGVs. Watch our videos and be inspired.

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Move for the Future - Actuators with Integrated Controller


Actuator solutions from LINAK - perfect movement for industrial automation applications



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