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LINAK truck and solar panels with LINAK products

Our commitment to the environment

Being sustainable has never been a question for us. As a Danish, family-owned company, it has always been built into our culture and part of who we are. LINAK has been part of Project Zero ’Bright Green Business’ for several years. Helping the local community to become a champion for energy efficiency. LINAK is also committed to the Paris Agreement and is in the process of setting Science-Based Targets and near-term goals that will help implement our strategy and turn commitments into impact.

To limit the global temperature increase in this century to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the Paris Agreement is pushing companies to focus on:

  • Carbon neutral operations
  • Reducing suppliers’ emissions
  • Helping customers reduce their footprint


reduction in natural gas consumed at headquarters since 2010


of annual electricity consumption produced by solar at our headquarters in 2022


Moving towards a greener future

At LINAK, we focus on reducing our own energy consumption while at the same time manufacturing sustainable solutions based on design and market requirements.

We have been making significant changes to our business and processes over the years to improve the impact it has on the environment. This includes starting to invest in specific sustainability initiatives in 2004 that are helping drive us towards managing our direct emissions (scope 1), setting a foundation for our global sustainability efforts, and addressing our company’s indirect emissions (scope 2 & 3).

Currently, we are in the starting phase of measuring our carbon footprint at our headquarters and then we will be expanding this to each of our facilities around the world. This is a big step in helping us understand how we can work with our local teams to set new standards and stretch targets around our ESG ambitions (Environment, Social, and Governance).

Moving to a greener Earth


Sustainability begins with product design


A long service life is a good prerequisite for a sustainable product. This requires excellent quality. It is exactly this quality that characterizes LINAK products. Since we started producing linear actuators and electric lifting columns, we have been working to make the quality of our entire product range even better. As a result, many of our products have been in service in tables, machines, and beds for decades.

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Greener product design


One way to increase the service life of products is to ensure they include a high level of compatibility. LINAK had this in mind early when it started innovating solutions in both the electronic and the mechanical areas. This means that, for example, a lifting column from 1998 for a desk can also be operated with a current control system. Making products adaptable and future ready reduces the potential impact of having to replace multiple products over time.

Lifting columns and accessories


Our products support life cycle management

Especially in the industrial sector, the functional reliability of a machine is very important. However, this often means that parts are replaced unnecessarily. Our industrial drives provide information about your condition.

Life cycle of product management


Life cycle management with IC™ actuators from LINAK® saves resources
When does a linear actuator in a machine need to be replaced? This question could not be answered exactly in the past. To be on the safe side, many components in machines are still replaced today as a precaution to avoid risking downtime. This also includes electric linear drives.

With the use of IC actuators from LINAK, the tide is turning. Thanks to data monitoring, it is now much easier to assess whether a linear actuator really needs to be replaced or whether it has not yet reached its expected service life.

How does it work? Actuators with IC (Integrated Controller) feature onboard electronics that offer both real-time and historic usage data for useful insights. While real-time data provides a good snapshot of a few parameters, the historical data gives you in-depth knowledge about performance over time. By analyzing these data, you can support continuous improvements of the machinery to ensure a longer service life.

For some actuators you can statistically estimate lifetime under certain conditions. This is mostly used before deciding on which actuator model to go for, early in the R&D stage. The latest IC actuators even offer remaining useful life by utilizing an internal algorithm. This feature is based on historic use, where multiple parameters are being monitored during operation. The actuator simply outputs a value between 0-100% - similar to the fuel gauge in a car. This information can be used to raise a flag in the machine, to indicate when the actuator needs replacement.

With the help of the data read out, maintenance intervals can be optimized and precautionary replacement is a thing of the past. This way, companies not only save time and money, but also act sustainably. Thanks to the technology from LINAK.



Driving change closer to our customer

Being local and global means we are close to our customers. With six production facilities and over 30 subsidiaries around the world, we have made it our goal to make our products and solutions quickly available for manufacturers.

By making products closer to the customer, we can minimize the impact that transportation would have on the environment.

At each of these locations we are investing in ways to produce our products with cleaner energy. From solar panels in the United States and Denmark, to replacing lights around the world with more efficient LED bulbs. Each facility, department, and team has been empowered to continuously improve our processes at every level of the business.


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