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Lifting column kits for industrial workstations

Choosing an ergonomic base for an industrial workstation should be easy – and it is! With our electric lifting columns, you get height adjustability as well as durability despite frequent use. Our columns are made for industrial settings and remain stable during adjustment of even heavy loads.

Find the most suitable kit, download the drawings, and design your next ergonomic workstation. The lifting column kits are easy to mount and connect, and to make it even simpler, you get all components in just one delivery. All kits include control boxes, cables, mounting plates, and an operating panel.


Choosing the most suitable column kit

Two LINAK® electric lifting columns DL2 next to a cardboard box

Column Kit DL2

  • 1-4 columns
  • Loads up to 600 kg
  • Robust and versatile
  • Pre-mounted end plates
  • Grooves for attachments

Two LINAK® electric lifting columns LC1 next to a cardboard box

Column Kit LC1

  • 1-4 columns
  • Loads up to 1,600 kg
  • Powerful and long stroke
  • End plates included
  • Grooves for attachments

Two LINAK® electric lifting columns BL1 next to a cardboard box

Column Kit BL1

  • 1-4 columns
  • Loads up to 800 kg
  • Waterproof
  • Compact
  • End plates included

Two LINAK® electric lifting columns LC3 next to a cardboard box

Column Kit LC3

  • 1-4 columns
  • Loads up to 2,400 kg
  • Waterproof
  • Powerful
  • End plates included

The columns are available in various built-in dimensions and load capacities, and some models offer IPX4 or IPX6 ingress protection. It is easy to find the column kit that meets your industrial workstation requirements.

Here is what to consider:

Icon showing three electric lifting columns

How many lifting columns do you need?


Icon showing a Kg weight

What load capacity do you need?
(Up to 2,400 kg)


Icon showing an electric lifting column with drops of water next to it.

Should the lifting columns be waterproof?
(IPX4 or IPX6)


All technical drawings and documentation are available online, so you can get started designing your ergonomic workstation right away. The installation process is as easy as plug-and-play, and all needed components for your ergonomic workstation base are included in one delivery.


Flexible height adjustment under the tabletop

Even though automation in manufacturing and warehouses increases, many assembly lines still rely on human labor to some extent. This makes workstation ergonomics key in ensuring that assembly processes are both efficient and safe.

There is no compromise on workplace ergonomics, and machine builders must meet many requirements when designing and building assembly stations and other types of workbenches. Aspects such as height adjustability to fit different operator heights, optimal handling of heavy objects, and avoiding strenuous repetitive movement should be taken into account to make a packaging line, assembly line, or manufacturing process ergonomic and lean from start to finish.

Using height-adjustable electric lifting columns under the tabletop is a strong choice when it comes to improving operator comfort and increasing productivity. LINAK® electric lifting columns provide the flexibility and durability you need to build versatile industrial workstations.

Choose our column kits, and experience the benefits of ergonomic design today.

LINAK electric lifting column DL2

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