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Improve your actuator experience with Actuator Connect™

With the LINAK® Actuator Connect configurator it has never been easier to customize your movement solution.


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The task of a traditional actuator is to run inwards and outwards at a default speed, but there is an increasing demand for advanced features and more control options. LINAK electric actuators are smarter than you think, and with Actuator Connect you are fully in charge of your linear movement.


Flexible product development process

With Actuator Connect, it is possible to configure and test the prototype without having to specify any software features beforehand. This supports agile development and speeds up the process from idea to final solution.

Get an overview below of some of the configuration options Actuator Connect offers. This helps you tailor a movement solution to meet your specific requirements and integrate smoothly with your application:

  • Feedback types and scaling
  • Virtual limits
  • Soft start and soft stop
  • Current limits
  • Adjustable speed
  • Position options

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Actuators with IC Integrated Controller™ from LINAK® are flexible and can be adapted to special customer requirements and needs.

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Improve quality and performance

LINAK knows that data is the key to improving quality or performance in general – simply by becoming wiser about the components that interact with each other.

In the LINAK Actuator Connect configurator, it is possible to find real-time graphs displaying power consumption, temperature, position, etc., that can be especially valuable in the prototype phase.

By conducting actuator test runs, you get an indication of whether the initial calculations have resulted in the correct actuator specifications.

You can analyze this data to determine if the actuator fits your application or if it needs further adjustment to run smoother in order to extend the service life.

It is possible to download a complete PDF report with general information about the actuator (type, position, last known status, etc.) and comprehensive usage data that summarizes all stored historical data (incl. error logs) over the entire lifespan of the actuator.

The PDF also contains the actual wiring diagram and the actual configuration.


Avoid unnecessary downtime

LINAK understands the importance of uptime – therefore an inoperative electric actuator must be fixed or replaced as fast as possible.

When connecting the electric actuator, you immediately get a status that describes the electric actuator condition.

For applications where downtime is not an option, LINAK offers error codes as digital output for easy troubleshooting.

If the electric actuator encounters an error, it is possible to identify the exact cause that has triggered a stop. The available status and diagnostics can reduce downtime.

Easy troubleshooting of the system saves time and offers methods for problem-solving which might otherwise end up in unnecessary replacements.


Usage (compatibility)

The Actuator Connect configurator is only compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The configurator part is available for IC™ actuators with interfacesI/O™ . Depending on your preference, you can connect via USB cable or you can use a wireless connection via Bluetooth® .

Learn more about our I/O interface here.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG Inc. and any use of such marks and logos by LINAK® is under license.

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