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TEKNOSYS increases efficiency with actuator solution in solar power plants

Equipped with LINAK electric actuators, the solar tracking systems (STS) can increase productivity of solar power plants by up to 50%.

TEKNOSYS increases efficiency with actuator solution in solar power plants

With the mission to "generate energy without damaging the environment," Teknosys has been using its technological expertise since 2006 to develop safe and efficient projects without harming the environment. Based on the rapid growth of solar energy systems in recent years, particularly the implementation of licensed solar projects, and projects based on hybrid solar systems, Teknosys Inc. has decided to focus its investments in this area. Examining the solar tracking systems that are widely used around the world, it is clear that the biggest advantage of these systems is that the solar trackers allow their photovoltaic modules to follow the sun’s trajectory across the sky. This greatly increases the amount of energy a solar system can produce, without making any other changes to the system.

TEKNOSYS increases efficiency with actuator solution in solar power plants

Solar tracking systems can utilize the sun’s energy throughout the day. Thanks to these devices, between 20% and 50% more electric power can be generated. Teknosys develops dual and single axis solar tracking systems and mounts field applications. In the past, when using different technologies, they struggled with supply challenges, maintenance issues and malfunctions. By implementing electric actuator technology, the problems were eliminated.


This played a major role in the realization of the 7 MW project with a solar tracking system, which they established in Akyurt.

Teknosys Chairman of the Board of Directors Sinan Sağlam says, “After implementing our Akyurt project using actuator technology, we saw the advantages this provides in ease of supply and by being maintenance-free. So we intend to use linear actuators in all our future solar projects, and we can recommend this technology to others.”

About the investment in a solar tracking system, he emphasizes that, apart from efficiency, the fact that actuators do not require maintenance played an important role in the decision. Given that this technology is still relatively new in Turkey, issues regarding failure problems welded by electrical systems and maintenance are the biggest concerns for investors. However, Mr. Sinan states that being an investor who is using actuator technology in the field, he finds those concerns to be unreasonable.


Quality, experience and trust were the factors that influenced the company's choice

"We want the best when using this technology and, if we look at both LINAK's competence and technology, we trust that this particular company is the best,” says Sinan, adding that the experience of the team, trust and quality had a great impact on their choice of LINAK.

As a result of analysis meetings conducted together with LINAK, the LA36 linear actuator was selected for use in the solar power plant built in Akyurt. While this actuator meets the requirements in terms of both thrust and stroke, its IP66 protection degree was also an important factor when making the final choice.

If you want to increase the output of your solar tracking systems, contact us about our actuator solutions.

TEKNOSYS increases efficiency with actuator solution in solar power plants


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