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LINAK electric actuators open liftgate in luxury motorhome

There is really nothing new about a trunk that can be opened electrically – at least not when talking about cars. But things are quite different when it comes to motorhomes, especially the large ones, such as the MORELO GRAND EMPIRE. Available with a length of up to 12 meters and a permissible total weight of 18 to 26 metric tons, this trunk is not used to stash away shopping bags or suitcases, but used to hide a car or motorbike.

LINAK® electric actuators open and close rear hatch in the MORELO motorhome

With a motorhome like this, you can drive for fresh bread rolls in the morning or go sightseeing without moving the motorhome from the pitch or campsite. It does, however, take a lot more than a small electric motor to open the heavy liftgate. MORELO has chosen LINAK® electric actuators for this purpose.

Long stroke length was crucial

A key argument for choosing electric linear actuators from LINAK was the 1,200 mm stroke length option. Two LA36 actuators are mounted onto panels on the left and right sides of the garage and attached to the large liftgate made of composite materials. The liftgate is opened with two switches at the rear end of the vehicle.

"For safety reasons, opening must first be enabled using a switch in the motorhome," explains Danilo Müller, responsible for electronics in MORELO's development department. The parallel movement of the two actuators is important to avoid the liftgate twisting during opening and closing, and here also LINAK actuators excel.

The electric actuator LA36 from LINAK® opens and closes the rear hatch in the MORELO motorhome

Thanks to an integrated controller, the actuators do not require additional components or a control unit. "This makes implementation much easier and cost-efficient," Danilo Müller confirms.


Safety through software

If an actuator no longer retracts or extends, due to cable breakage or other events, special software will stop the system to avoid damaging the liftgate. It was also important to MORELO that the gate would close completely to securely seal off the storage space. With a conventional parallel system, the movement would stop as soon as an actuator reached its end position. The actuator software specified for MORELO ensures that both actuators move to their absolute end positions. This seals off and secures the liftgate, while maintaining the desired appearance.

"We are very happy with the system that we developed together with LINAK. It was a smooth process," says Danilo Müller. "The LINAK products are of a very high quality, and thus they meet the requirements we have here at MORELO as a luxury manufacturer."

It goes without saying that the electric actuators have to work seamlessly for years, even when subjected to strong vibrations.

Two LINAK actuators are also used to lift and lower the bed above the driver's cockpit. In this case also, the demand for comfort is the strongest argument for an electric solution.

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The Compact electric actuator LA28 from LINAK® adjusts the lifting bed above the driver cockpit in the MORELO motorhome

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