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The fact that more and more people are becoming overweight places great demands on healthcare applications – they must be able to withstand more. New and stronger products are necessary to offer obese persons the best and safest treatment

Four essential healthcare trends

An increased number of hospitals and care centers find that existing equipment cannot carry the heavy loads of some patients and residents. Safety might be at risk if the equipment has not been designed to carry heavy loads. In addition, it can ultimately complicate treatment and care if the equipment cannot be used optimally.

New and powerful products
It may therefore be necessary to change the equipment and use products capable of meeting both present and future demands for power and strength. At LINAK, we are constantly working on developing new products that can carry even heavier loads. 

This means that we can assist our customers in the development of, for instance, beds, couches, and patient lifts that can handle even seriously overweight persons.

Equipment and ergonomics
When investing in equipment meant to handle higher load requirements, it is important to consider how the equipment will fit into the building or the room where it will be used on a daily basis. For instance, it should be clarified whether the doorways are wide enough to let the applications pass through and whether different rooms can accommodate them.

Concurrent with the weight increase trend among patients, good ergonomics is becoming a subject of interest among healthcare professionals worldwide. Here assistive equipment for lifting and for adjustment is especially important to avoid various types of work-related injuries. With the ongoing development of stronger applications for the healthcare system, it does not have to be a challenge for staff to work with an increasing number of obese residents in the future.

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