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Sofas and couches

Sofas and couches


One of the most central household furnishings is the sofa. The sofa is where we hang out with friends and family – around the TV set or in conversation over a cup of coffee. This is why the sofa often is considered to be absolutely indispensable in a home – even if space is limited. Multi-functionality adds value to a sofa in a micro-apartment. Below we have found a few good cases illustrating this.


'Twinny' by Proteas

Twinny sofa to bunkbed© PROTEAS – PAPAIOANNOU BROS SA, All Rights Reserved

One cannot say multi-functional couch without also saying Twinny Couch. This couch, by the Greek Design bureau Proteas, offers a somewhat untraditional take on a sleeping couch. In a matter of seconds, the sofa turns into a bunk bed for two. Quite ingenious!

Read more about the sofa bunk bed at their English website.


'Slot' by Matthew Pauk

Slot sofa© Matthew Pauk, All Rights Reserved

Working a lot with shape, appearance, and comfortable fit, the American sneaker design guru Matthew Pauk created the Slot sofa. With it he catches everything a sofa is about in one piece of furniture. This 3-seater hides an Ottoman, a coffee table and two extra pull-out seats. The Slot is ideal for everything; sleeping, binging a TV series, having movie nights with friends or hosting a connoisseur event with red wine.


'Sosia' by Emanuele Magini

Sosia foldable couch© Emanuele Magini, All Rights Reserved

The Italian designer Emanuele Magini made a 2-seat sofa wrapped in one single piece of cloth that can be unzipped. The ‘Sosia’ sofa converts into two armchairs, a bed, even into a small changing room. This is a key example of creativity and understanding of how dynamic furniture design can mutate and become a great piece of interior furnishing, adaptable to any everyday situation in a micro-apartment setting.

Read more about this furniture piece on the Italian/English website.


Add electric adjustability

Imagine these (or other) ingenious multi-functional furniture designs equipped with electric actuator movement solutions. An owner would find it even easier to turn his or her home furnishings from one purpose function into the other – by just pushing a single button.

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