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Be inspired by the Colour Collection

Colour in the workspace isn’t a new trend. For years designers have used colour to create different moods for different spaces. One colour can make a space calm and tranquil while another can inspire creativity. In open office environments, colour has even been used to create a visual indicator of separate departments or teams.

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It seems though that the use of colour will continue to play a large role in workplace design, and LINAK® is eager to be a part of that. Introducing: the LINAK Colour Collection.

Despite what most offices would have you believe, there are more colours to choose from than white, gray and black when it comes to your desk legs. The Colour Collection will periodically showcase different RALs that are in line with current color trends for commercial and residential interiors


Sophisticated and endlessly versatile

Taking their cues from mother nature, the Fall 2022 collection is an assortment of organic and refined neutrals that are earthy, sophisticated and endlessly versatile and offer a timeless approach with subtle nuances.

    Color Collection Swatches


From the creator,

Kim Moran, LINAK US

Colour lives and breathes in everything we see and do. Found objects, photographs, walks in nature, are noticed with intuitive watchful eyes. My colour process cannot be easily defined, as it is a mixture of all of these things. ‘Colourful’ doesn’t have to be bold and sharp. It can be soft, subtle and soothing. It can be as simple as redefining earth tones and bringing the outdoors in. As we have all spent more time at home these past few years, I have found inspiration and joy from the simply pleasures of long walks with my family to learning to watercolor at a slow, non-judgmental pace and I continue to find inspiration and comfort in fusing the things I love most: colour, design and natures bounty.

Kim Moran

Interested in adding some colour to your next project? Contact your local representative for more information about the Colour Collection.

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